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I am getting less steady on my feet and thinking about moving on from using a stick to help with my walking and have a question for anyone who currently uses a rollator or has used one. What do you do with it when you go into a supermarket? After you have parked the car, taken it out of your car to get to the door/trolleys, I cannot work out what you do with it when you get as far as this. Once you have a trolley, which can then be used to help with your walking, where do you leave it? I am sure I am not the first person who has come across this problem. I do not want to have my shopping delivered nor can I always have someone else with me, so any thoughts please?

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  • Hi😊

    It is a dilemma🙄 I manage with my walking stick to the nearest trolley bay, and heave a sigh of relief🙂

    If I know I'll be using the rollator I don't attempt a large food shop.  I did once balance a basket on the seat but it came to grief when I got carried away....

    It would be a hassle but if you definitely need the rollator to get to the trolley bay, you could always fold it and transport it back to the car before going into the supermarket🤔 xB

  • Thanks for your reply and suggestions. It does seem like if you have problems like we do and want to keep doing 'normal' things like getting your own shopping, then you are not catered for. Maybe no-one has asked a supermarket what they suggest?

  • I can imagine the reply being 'shop online' 🙄 

  • And my answer will be 'I don't want to!' That would take away yet another of the things that I do as part of my living like I always have. I want to continue being able to do stuff for myself for as long as I can.

  • Last week I went to M&S by myself🙂 A member of staff carried my coffee and scone but I was selfconcious eating, difficulty holding the scone, missing my mouth and dropping bits🙄

    The food hall was busy, I had a £5 off voucher to use if I spent £30 🙂 Obviously I lost track because nothing has a price on it, but eventually made it to the checkout, having gone £3 over.

    Back at the car I was exhausted, too much multitasking but  I'd achieved my objective, 'doing for myself' 😊xBeryl

  • Well done! I know that M&S staff are always willing to help, but the same applies with trolleys and rollators in their food hall. I shall ask next time I am in my local stores what they can do to help and post their answers.

  • Hi Tiggywinkles - I actually find shopping on line for general groceries a godsend, as do lots of younger, perfectly healthy but busy people I know. Of course there are certain things we want to choose in person, so I go into town, rucksack on my back, with my two walking sticks, or mobility scooter for heavier items.  As long as I can get out of my own front door whenever I like, I consider myself to be still independent. You are lucky that you can still drive and I am sure that staff in shops and supermarkets are more than willing to help you in any way they can.  I am constantly touched by the incredible kindness and helpfulness of people. The rollators I have seen in town are all foldable, but don't seem to have a lot of space for shopping. Do you have a blue badge? Then a short distance with sticks you can put in a trolley might be the solution. Good luck!!  Best wishes from Oniki x 

  • Hi I always go straight to customer services, leave Betsy with them Z( my rollator ) they bring me a trolley and when I'm finished a member of staff takes my trolley and loads my car whilst I toddle back with Betsy. That was then, but online shopping is a godsend. I still go to the supermarket but it's only for bits and bobs and I use a bag to put my shopping in and just pass the bag over to the cashier who then repacks. I've never had a problem but please tell the security staff what you are doing as they might think you're up to no good lol x

  • I too have moved to using a rollator. When going to a supermarket I leave my rollator in the car and use a trolley. Do you go by car? If not, I am sure that if you asked at customer services, they could find you somewhere to leave it.

  • I work in a supermarket and I'm sure if you asked customer services would allow you to leave your rollator at their counter. When you've paid for your shopping 1 of the staff would get your rollator if you ask. All supermarkets want your custom so they'll do what they can to help. I know asking for help is like giving up another bit of independence, good luck.

  • The customer service is the best place to leave your rollator with. But since they are inside and most trolleys are outside you also have to ask them to bring you one.

  • What is a rollator Lou 21

  • Hi Lou, some links to info, hope you find it useful ,

    Kind regards, Angela x

  • Thank you for your reply Angela I found that link helpfully 

    Take care lou x 

  • Rollators are great because you move much quicker. Make sure you have the handles quite high and try not to lean into it. Check the brakes out if you can before you buy it too.

    I LOVE my rollators and I am lucky because I have 2. I was given the foldable one that I use upstairs by a friend whose Dad had died and did not need it anymore. My daughter prefers me to use this in her little car because it is lighter and folds flat. I do not drive any more. It has no carry bit or seat so I hang a carrier bag off the handles to move stuff. The brakes are better designed on the small one. Downstairs I have a more solid rollator with bigger wheels (for our gravel outside), seat and carry net. I hate going downhills and we have a slope on our drive which it is dreadful. The brakes are useless on this one.

    I have my groceries delivered now but I used to use the trolley as a walker. Good suggestion using customer services.  If my daughter takes me into the supermarket we use my wheelchair and clip on a disabled trolley. Supermarkets do have wheelchairs and last time we borrowed one and it was easy.

    Hope this helps a bit : )

  • I have a "Sholley".  Visit their website for more information.  Although they do not claim it as a walking aid, I could not shop without it.  I can walk about town with it and put as little or as much shopping in it as I need. (Also useful for carrying a coat in changeable weather).  When visiting a supermarket, I normally use a basket which safely rests on the top.  Apparently (although I have never tried to), it will fold and clip on to a supermarket trolley. Again visit the Sholley website. Because they are extremely sturdy, they are not cheap, but then nor is a "rollator".  As I no longer drive I have to use taxis and the drivers do not seem to have a problem putting it, fully laden, into the boot. When I did drive, I had to put shopping into bags to put in the boot and then make several trips to and from the car.  Whatever suits you best.

  • I use a walker and sometimes I take my sticks as well which I collapse and put in the bag at the front of the trolley. If I go to the supermarket I just get a trolley and use my sticks to collect it. It really isn't that much of an issue for me    We went to London recently and I took it with me obviously, people were really helpful and when we went to an evening show stored it and returned it at the end. The only issue I have is my two daughters want a ride all the time !!!!???? Mine is a drive nitro it looks quite modern in design .

  • I don't use a trolly anymore, I hang shopping bags from the handles of my walker and pass the bag over at the checkout as maryrose46 does, it works for me. I shop local and the shop staff know me now, they always offer to take it to my car but I'm super-independent and don't always accept! I visit most days as I don't do 'big shops' anymore but this suits me as I live alone and it helps me socialise and gives me exercise walking. However, I do have catfood and litter delivered it's too heavy to carry! I forget sometimes that what shop staff put in the boot for me I've got to get out of it when I get home!

    What works for one doesn't necessarily work for another, so whatever suits you is the right way for you... Good luck!

    Ataxia will never stop me doing what I really want to, I just might have to find a different way of doing it.

    Mel x


  • put rollator in trolley- I can do this as I have one from Coopers that folds up but I have given up going to supermarket and get my shopping delivered or I order stuff I need on line. Have the milkman on line too which is really helpful. Sometimes you have to do things differently. all the best Sylviaxx

  • Thanks for all your replies - I shall ask at my own local (well about 20 miles away) supermarkets what they can do. As I said I don't want to do on-line shopping whilst I am still able to get to the shops myself, it gives me a reason to get out and about.  Hope I get some positive answers from the shops.

  • Well, I was in my 'local' Sainsburys at the weekend and asked at Customer Service and they were very helpful. They said just come to the desk with the rollator and they would get me a trolley, keep the rollator whilst I shopped then go back to them when I finished and they would come out to the car with me. Sounds good, hope I can keep going with my stick for a bit longer but at least my mind has been put at rest on that problem.


  • I always left my rollator near the kiosk as this is always near the the entrance of a supermarket, and is safe as the kiosk workers keep a eye on it for you,hope this helps keep well,  Lorraine

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