Is 2013 any better?

November 2911 saw me in hospital with a broken hip. Here I stayed after a spell in ICU for 7 weeks This took me well into 2012, Chritmas came and went. When I came home I had to learn how to shuffle again, no mean feat!!11 I thought I Iwas doing alright whren I collapsed and had another spell in ICU followed by a further 3 weeks in hospital. Then to cap it all I caught a urinary tract infection and have spent 7 werks in a nursing hoime. again Christmas came and went.

Well into 2013 I am at home I now have a further urinary tract infection and a posoined toe. 2013 looks as though it will be as horrible as 2012.!!!1

Hopefully normal service be resumed shortly.

Take care


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  • Hope you get better very soon and stay better Carol. Fingers crossed 2013 will be a better year for you

  • I also hope you feel better very soon. Look after yourself.



  • hope you soon feeling better

    love Linda

  • It must get better for you soon - take care, x

  • Hope you have some easier days xx but my answer to is 2013 better is a simple no xxx

  • Hi Fifa

    Really sorry to hear you have had a rough time-----YES it will get better because Spring

    is round the corner and then summer (maybe!!!)

    Ataxia is a real b---- but so are many other illnesses and when all these other illnesses

    are with children it makes you feel just a bit thankful

    Much Love Ted

  • Look on the suntan side of the street

    It's unlikely to be any worse!


  • Good heavens, you've really been through the wringer! 2013 HAS to be better for you! One of my favorite sayings is, "a woman is like a tea bag, as you never know how strong she can be until she gets into hot water...,ha! Keep positive Fifa, as I hope things get better for you!


  • Had several UTIs so I know how painful they can be.Glad you are back.

  • Keep strong Fifa! We're all thinking of you and wishing you the best!

    Go steady and keep us posted on progress.


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