Out for a walk

Hi, today I went out for the first time (had to, no choice :) ) in a few weeks, travelling by bus, train and walking. In total spent about 2 hours just walking around and by the time I got home my speed had gone from slow to barely making it...lol. I was overtaken by a tortoise but I showed the snail a clean pair of crutches... :) Now at home, legs aching and tremors to hands and legs - if you want a martini, I can make a mean one as long as you dont want it stirred. I must admit despite everything I feel good for it and will do again.

Now I am determined to go out 2 or 3 times a week, nothing planned but just go when I feel able.

Anyone in the Sheffield / Rotherham / Doncaster / Barnsley area want to meet anytime to compare notes? Let me know.


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  • Well done you and glad it made you feel good. Sorry, but I live in the South, so no cuppa.☺

  • I live in the south too, sorry Capricorn.

  • Well done! Worcestershire/Herefordshire border I afraid x

  • No worries.

  • Hi...thanks. Never know, if I leave now might get to you for a Xmas drink :)

  • Where in the South . I live in Chichester.

  • I live in Eastbourne

  • It's important to get out. This past month I had to make a 2 day trip that involved all sorts of travel. I practiced for a few weeks and had a great time during my trip. Was very happy to get home, have a few scotches and rest for a week. Hahaha. I'm back to daily exercise again and looking forward to going out more! Enjoy your travel!

  • Hi cubs. My main concern is going too far and getting stuck and unable to get home but it was good. I too have physio exercises but not the same. Hehe...but a couple of scotches sounds good.. :)

  • Ive just got a rollator and scooter so one way or another I wanna get out meet like minded folk got a free bus pass and conns train not used yet

  • Hi Capricorn,

    That is good tiredness. It makes you feel good after you have been out and worn yourself out that way. I have one morning a week when I work for a charity in a shop. By the time I get home (sometimes I'm so tired I don't know how I get home at all) I am exhausted but happy because it is a good exhaustion as opposed to just plain fatigue. I would love to join you for either a cuppa or a walk but can't commute all the way from Australia. Stay happy and keep smiling. Barbara.

  • Hi Barbara. Shame about the cuppa but have a tinny for me :) Maybe one day I might pluck up the courage and visit the outback...lol. Have a goodun

  • Hi Capricorn

    Have you tried out the Sheffield branch Ataxia Meetings, they meet once a month?

    Well done on your achievement 😀

  • Have contacted them but yet to go to a meeting. Hoping to make the next one.

  • Well done Capricorn. Keep it up. My walking is here,there and everywhere but I have great pleasure cycling on my power assisted mountain bike. Freedom of being out and about.

  • good stuff! Cant meet live miles away, enjoy your outings.

  • Hi I’m from Huddersfield im over Sheffield in November going to royal halamshire hospital to see prof Marios

  • Well, if a round maybe can meet at Sheffield station for a cuppa? Let me know. Should have my travel pass by then.

  • Yer sounds good

  • :) Let me know day and time.

  • It’s difficult as you know to be precise not sure when Appointmants is

  • Not a problem, I dont have much to do in Nov...a couple of dinner/dances, rock climbs and fell walking...lmao... so am easy.

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