Provision for disabled people on beaches

Provision for disabled people on beaches

I came across this photograph on the Daily Telegraph, showing a French beach which has made provision for disabled people to be able to enjoy time on the beach.

I think this is a wonderful idea and wondered if there was anything like this on any UK beaches. Perhaps readers would be kind enough to let us know if they know of any such local provision so we can share the joy.

Perhaps also, this might be something that Ataxia UK could campaign for, on behalf of all disabled people. It might be a good way of raising our profile at the same time, especially if other organisations join in the campaign. Just a thought.

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  • Oh what a lovely idea!

    When we are on holiday in Scotland, my family are real sweeties, and battle with me to get me on the beach, but it is always a real struggle. I have heard about some National Parks making some of their footpaths wheelchair friendly.

    Great idea though : )

  • Where do you holiday in Scotland Lit? . The are are some really lovely beaches. I love rural Scotland but it is not that wheelchair friendly and difficult for people with mobility difficulties because of the terrain.

  • My husband would like to go back, to Scotland but we woulld need a dog friendly,self catering and disabled friendly place. Anyone know anywhere??

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