Has anyone got any tips about cutting fingernails?

I need to keep my finger nails short and as such I have to cut then once a week. I dread doing this and it has become a chore. It is something that I need to plan to do as it takes so long. I use toenail clippers for my fingernails as they are longer and larger and therefore easier to use. Short of paying for them to be cut by someone else, has anyone got any tips for keeping them cutting them and/or keeping them short?

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  • hi harry

    if you look on betterlifehealthcare.com they have a fingernail cutter. its a cylinder shape with a slot where you pop your finger in and then u just press the lid, way easier than any clippers/scissors xx

  • Thanks for the tip Moira. I had a look on the website and I found some 'ergonomic nail clippers' which look ideal. I think I may have to invest in a pair!

  • I bite my nails. I don't need to worry about Cutting them. Just as well I have strong teeth! I don't have a habbit of biting nails. I only do this whenever my nails are long.

  • That is something I'd rather not do Iain!!

  • Lol

    I think the nail cutter might be the better option!

    I am lucky and my daughter does them and my toes.

  • glad you found something Harry, Iain if i bit mine i'm sure my teeth would crumble and Litty i wouldn't trust anyone near my nails you are very brave lol.

  • I LOVE my toenails painted, so it is worth it. I have hobbit like feet so I need all the help I can get! : )

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