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Does anyone find that their ataxia is significantly worse on one side of their body?

My left side, ie my left hands/arms, legs/feet are more ataxic than my right side. My right side isn't too bad at the moment although I have noticed some coordination difficulty changes on this side. I find my limbs on the left side are a lot worse. Just wondered if anybody else has similar symptoms?

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Hi Iain

My Right side is worse than my left but not significantly so.

The cerebellum has two lobes, the left and the right, and a bit down the middle called the vermis. In the rest of the brain one lobe controls the opposite side of the body. For example the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body. However the cerebellum is different. One lobe of the cerebellum controls balance and coordination in the side of the body on the same side, for example the right lobe controls the right side of the body. The vermis of the cerebellum helps control both sides of the body equally.

With you it is likely the left side of your cerebellum is more damaged than your right, hence you have worse symptoms of ataxia in your left side. It could be the case that both lobes are damaged equally so that one side of the body is not worse affected than the other.



I'm with you Iain, its the left side of my body that is weaker.

I thought it was the opposite side of the brain. Very interesting about the cerebellum though.


Great explanation Harriet. Thanks. Glad I'm not alone on this because I have been thinking that my ataxia is different than most.

Are you left or right-handed Litty? I am right handed, which makes things easier for me sometimes.


Hello Iain

I am like Harriett the right side of my body is more affected especially the right leg. My leg does what it likes when it likes. This is one reason why my mobility is so bad.

Just for the record I am a leftie.

Take care



Left for me also, but it responds better to training. The right has started to go over past few months. Used to be a RH - both legs do their own thing, they constantly surprise me - should've learnt by now!


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