Does acquired ataxia from lack of oxygen get worse?

My husband went into cardiac arrest and due to lack of oxygen acquired ataxia nobody has told us a particular type as I've read there are many after 2 months he can do most things but just very slowly and unsteady he gets very tired just walking a short distance.. Somedays his speech is good others very slurred and he has headaches behind his eyes he used to have double vision but that has cleared but again yesterday it was a little blurry is his condition getting worse?

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  • Hi Paula!

    The very best person to advise you would be a Neurologist specialising

    in Ataxia. Most of us with the condition find that symptoms generally

    progress but as far as I know acquired Ataxia may be slightly different.

    If you aren't happy with the diagnosis, you can ask your GP to refer

    Jay to a Specialist Ataxia Centre. xBeryl

  • Hi Jayswife24

    I am in a similar position to your husband (for 20years),the best and only thing I have found is Excercice and Balance classes and a speech therapy group called SPEAKABILITY (this is a nationwide charity and has a web site).

    Best Wishes

  • I have ataxia since I was 8 the cause has not been proved with a blood test but all. My history points to my ataxia originating from a childhood illness where I had a high temperture and was delirous. My condition is progressive but very slow and mild. I am now 65. Of course with all ataxia symptoms it get worse if you are tired or are stress. But after a good rest you are back to how you were before.Also I have to do things at my own pace which is abit slow. I agree with wobblybee it is advisable to go to a specialist ataxia centre. If you would like to know which is the nearest to you ask Ataxia uk

  • Dear Jayswife, I'm sorry about your husbands cardiac arrest, as that must have been scary. I don't know anything about acquired ataxia, as I was diagnosed eleven years ago with my ataxia, and have symptoms 24/7. I agree with what others have said about seeing a neurologist that specializes in ataxia. I also agree with what Willowpuss has said, as exercise for strength and balance is the only thing that helps my ataxia. My best to you..., ;o)

  • Hi Paula!

    I managed to get referred to a Neurophysio, and recently to a Vestibular

    Therapist. These two types of therapy may be helpful to Jay. xB

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