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You probably know about it already, but it is quite a good thing to do. With the grotty weather, I am a bit house bound and on the internet more than I should be. I am ashamed to say I am addicted to Pinterest. If you are a visual person, like me, you will really like it. It is a virtual scrapbook or pinboard where you collect images of things you like. You can look at other peoples boards and things that interest you, and repin them.

Here is a link (which hopefully works) so you can take a look.

You need to request an invite if you want to join.

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Some really good pictures Litty but it looks too girly for me. I'm sure others will be interested though.


The kids got us into it. My Ian's page is 'boy's stuff' and Harv

But yes it is a bit girly!


Great pictures Litty. The pictures of scottish landscapes are stunning. The one of Tobermory reminds me of a childrens TV programme. Not so girly after all.


Ian LOVES Scotland. His Dad was Scottish. We try to go on holiday to the Western Isles most years. In July we are going to Ardnamurchan for the 2nd time. It was so beautiful last time.


Not sure where that is Litty. I'll look it up in the map. Have a good time when you get there.


The link at the start does not go to my page any more, so here is a new one : )


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