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Feeling very supported

Dear All

I can't tell you how chuffed I am to have received so many responses. It has made me realise how beneficial it is belonging to a forum like this and how a quick word from someone can make all the difference - thanks chaps.

We are also patients of Dr Giunti and my husband has had lots of fairly invasive tests. We are still no wiser why he is constantly losing weight in spite of a highly calorific diet. I've never made so many cakes!

Like others, I know it must be so difficult to acknowledge that things will never be the same but I live in hope that once he accepts his limitations, the easier life will be.

Very best of luck to you all and the multitude of challenges you face every day.

Thanks once again for your words of wisdom and encouragement.

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Maria....... your friends here are doing exactly what I know you would do for others......persuade your husband to go out on his scooter. xx 😀


Hi Don

Fingers crossed. I have joined him up to this site so he may see how positive you all are.

Many thanks


Your welcome. 😀👍


What is a scooter? How is its different from a wheelchair?? Thanx N


Basically a scooter has handlebars in front of you and a wheel chair has nothing in front try googling it and you will see all the different types on the market Also eBay often has much cheaper ones

Good luck. Ted


Thanx Ted


Hi Maria

So pleased you feel that way.

The speech therapist or dietician can prescribe high calorie pots of yoghurt style dessert, they have about 300 calories per pot, are around 150 MLS, 3 to 4 flavours and come in different 'stages' of thicknesses. ideal if you can't face eating too much or have difficulty swallowing. Nutricia is the brand name, I much prefer to eat Angel cake lol.

Never thought of myself as being an angel, it's just the cats name and I added the cake. X


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