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Shingles Vaccination


I have 2 unrelated questions.

Has anyone with Cerebellar Ataxia had a Shingles jab. Were there any side effects.

Has anyone with Cerebellar Ataxia used Medicinal Cannabis oil and has it helped at all?

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Yes I tried the cannibas oil from Holland and Barrett, sadly did nothing for me, its quite expensive, tastes foul, havent had the shingles jab, so cant help you on that one.

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Thank you for replying so promptly auntie sally. I wasn’t sure if it would help. I have read reports that some people with Parkinsons and MS found it helpful .

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Yes I have heard that as well, thats why I tried it, also tried baclofen that was prescirbed by the neurologist, it relaxes your muscles, no good for me, I am not on any medication now, I have sca2 inherited from my ? I do my own physio, as I did go to a physio that knew all about ataxia but as it was NHS only went for 6 sessions, also if you do manage to see a physio, please ask if you can see someone with knowledge of axtaxia, good luck x

I've been using CBD oil for a few weeks, severe upsets here that will pass. It relaxes me, stops aches in my legs and helps sleep. It doesn't do anything else but the relaxation is most welcome, I breathe properly too. I buy CBD bros oil. Silver (Indica) is the weakest and helps sleep. I don't intend keeping on with the use .

Don’t waste your money on CBD oil.

Hello Judepa I had a shingles jab a few years ago with no problems . I have cerebellar Ataxia.

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Thank you. I will have it now.

My son bought CBD for me to try in different strengths and different uses. Some was for under the tongue [taken whilst sucking a sweet] in different strengths and some for vaping. I bought vaper on ebay and keep that to hand for when I relax on recliner. I liked the vape best but forget to use it. Must be psychological just knowing it is there, I dont use it much now.

helps low level pain and anxiety.

Yes I qualified for shingles jab when I turned 70 and it didnt give me any side effects.

I have tried the oil from Holland & Barrett but, unfortunately, it did nothing for me. I have not had a shingles jab, sorry.

Medical marijuana is legal in my state and my neuro helped me get a medical card. Cbd unfortunately is not under any regulations for quality so it can be bought in convenience stores, hardware stores or any other store that can sell it and you’re not sure what you get.

However, marijuana dispensaries carry the high quality scientifically labeled oils and concentrates and I use the oil in assorted methods of ingestion.

I have sporadic ataxia and found it helps tremendously when tremors set in. 2 puffs on a vape pen and 30 seconds is all it takes to go away. Two pumps of oral spray and I sleep solid. I use anywhere from 1-5 times per day. The best I found is the patch. It lasts three days and minimizes aches and pain.

All of these are no less than 50/50 of cbd to thc. I found Cbd is really effective for our condition if there is at least half thc in the mix. Any more thc than that then you get too high which is also not so bad either.

My neuro ophthalmologist has never seen an improvement in eyesight except for mine and she specializes in sca vision. I went from extra thick prism lenses to only wearing glasses for night driving.

The use of medical cannabis in combination with daily exercise, supplements, meditation, acupuncture and gluten free diet have not only slowed down the symptoms but also improved.

It feels like it helps but so does the power of the mind.

Good luck to you and hope this helps shed some light for you.

Sorry no shingles vaccine as I believe we can be susceptible to more side effects with a compromised immune system.

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Agreed. I also have a medical marijuana card. I’ve never tried the patches with a 50//50 blend of thc/cbd. I’m going to try this on my next visit to the dispensary. Thank you!

I have cerebellar ataxia and I have had the shingles jab. It felt absolutely painless, and I have had absolutely no side effects at all.

Medicianal oil is only on prescription only and as of yet, getting the prescription is nigh impossible. The cbd oils did nothing for me. I have not had the shingles injection but had shingles. I don't think the vaccines are harmful.

I have Cerabeller Ataxia. X

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It can be bought online and in some shops in the UK legally now.

Las Vegas Desert Rat

I have been stabbed 2 times in 4 years. No side effects. I have SCA 6.

Good luck!

Hi Judepa

I have not had the vaccination. I think you may want to consult with your physician and or pharmacist as I do not not know your entire medical history and would be reluctant to provide advice. Personally I believe vaccinations of any type are important to support my immunity. Regarding your second question I have never used any cannoboid products so cant give information there either...I guess I am not very helpful. Sorry.

🤔 Just this week I asked a Neurologist whether she thought CBD would be prescribed for ataxia, I was interested as a form of pain relief.

She said, ‘ It’s unlikely to be prescribed anytime in the near future for ataxia. There is thought that it can actually trigger ataxia, even with THC removed’.

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Thank you for the reply. I don’t think I will pursue it for now, I wonder why it might trigger Ataxia though😊

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🤔 With the THC removed, CBD is thought to have certain therapeutic benefits. But, it may be some time before clinical trials are conducted for ataxia.

The various types of ataxia are classed as rare diseases, and there is still a lot of research ongoing.

This extract is taken from and does not refer to CBD.

Adolescents and adults — The physiologic signs of cannabis intoxication in adolescents and adults can include [15,17,18]:


●Increased blood pressure or, especially in the elderly, orthostatic hypotension

●Increased respiratory rate

●Conjunctival injection (red eye)

●Dry mouth

●Increased appetite



●Slurred speech

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