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Update on my peripheral vision


I wrote a post some weeks ago as I was tested 6 months ago and discovered that I had nearly no peripheral vision.

Since reading posts (especially Nigel Heath s) I have been doing eye exercises and also trying to stop my vision from tunnelling when I'm tired or stressed.

Well I was tested again last week and the improvement is amazing 😊. I have only one spot where I now have no peripheral vision (maybe missed in my exercises).

To me this proves that we can make a difference ourselves. With gentle exercises and positive attitude.

The optician doctor didn't have an explanation, but he said to continue with the exercises without overdoing it.

So don't give up anybody. Our lives are harder than other peoples, and we have to work hard at things other people don't even think about. But with effort, life can be easier.

Maybe I'll stop bumping into people who arrive from behind me now😁

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I'm THRILLED for you!...,your inspirational story gives me hope to keep on keeping on...,;o)


Great stuff! Now to pick the next bit to work on / add in to your daily programme.

I know my efforts make a difference for me and I'm so pleased they are helping you too.

Nigel xx

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Presumebly your optic nerves were never damaged. This damage can be see when an eye specailst looks into your eyes. As far as I know nerves cannot be fixed with exercises. I am nearly blind thanks to low tension Glaucoma, which is severe damage to the optic nerves without presssure from the eyes which would normally cause this damage.


No I had no nerve damage. But I do feel for you if you're losing your sight. I have a friend with the same problem. She manages remarkably well. She's a born fighter. That's just one of her many health problems as I'm sure it is for you.

Wishing you strength and luck


Well done. What exercises do you do for your eyes and also wha t general exercises do fellow. Ataxians do for their head problems and also walking problems? Cheers. Ted


Hi ted, once a day I look up, down, left, right, to upper left corner, upper right corner,lower left corner, lower right corner as far as I can and hold the position for a count of ten. Between each movement I return my eyes to the central position. Afterwards I rub my hands together to warm them and put them over my eyes.

At first the muscles around the eyes hurt doing this, but they no longer do.

It takes less than 5 minutes to do. Even can do it laying down in bed. If I'm sitting I hold my head still as naturally I cheat by moving my head.



Thank you. Wobbly wobbly. Sorry for long delay in writing but my computer has been 'to hospital'. But is now fine so I have started the eye exercises. Will let you know how I get on in due course. Cheers. Ted


Setting aside any specific issue such as glaucoma, which can be controlled with drops and sometimes with laser ops (my wife Jenny has both for her glaucoma), the eyes reflect the state of the body and our state generally. Therefore if we feel low or are not physically active our eyes will be the same. In this case exercise will help. Jenny and I do eye exercises every morning as part of our daily yoga. They have made no difference to her glaucoma and she doesn't expect them to. They have however improved her general eye health.

They are therefore of benefit to everyone no matter what other issues you may have.


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This has also happened to me. About two years ago, the neurologist said my eyes were affected. I started the exercises and a few weeks ago my neurologist asked me to come in because two doctors were doing a study in ocular movements or loss of movement in ataxia patients and I was the perfect example of this loss of movement.

They monitored my eye movement with a camera, did all the tests and found that my ocular movements are perfect for my age and have not been affect by the ataxia. This proves the eye exercises worked. Keep on doing them.

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