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Swallowing difficulties are common with ataxia people. First appears to be coming from lungs, asthma, chest infection etc.

Ivan recently had a fluoroscopic swallow, at X-Ray dept. Resulting now in soft food only and thickened fluids.

He coughed continually as his throat tried to get rid of bits of food which had got stuck. Gone down the wrong way. But with care this, we hope, will sort. Have a look at the internet

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true. I suffer from a dormant asthma. But had 2 difficult periods 3 weeks, swallowing. I cannot speak eating dry bread or anything dry, as start choking, as the swallowing compromised...all that shuts normally in a healthy person, in my throat as if loosen a muscle...dealing applied for speech therapy for speech and some neck exercises...But keep having what I'd describe a constant clearing of my throat, as if smthg peeling off, but when I get the so called raw throat, some choking coming next. I observed...Good at that as allergies, after eating certain food...with drinking coffee, cannot make instant, the taste is vile, but must be careful, as ground must be well strained as the bottom wld send me....

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