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R.I.P. Blender

Yes, my poor blender has gone to the great blend in the sky.

It could no longer handle the tomatoes, carrots, cucumber, onions etc, etc.

I`ve had to roder a new one via Amazon express next day delivery - as I nned to blend my food because of the swallowing problems.

One can not live on porridge alone :-)

I was quite enjoying the new tastes - with this new diet and everything, I feel hungry after every meal but I suppose that will pass after a while.....................................I hope :-O

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I haven't got a jug blender, just a stick blender and it's on the

go constantly :-)

A jug would probably be more practical, sometimes the stick

blender has a mind of it's own.

Prior to eating puréed food I used to choke on occasion, now

it's caused by choking on saliva.

I love porridge :-)

Keep up the good work John :-) xB


Saliva is a problem I'll agree with that.

I use the jug blender as I can't grip a stick blender, takes me ages to chop up stuff to put in blender.

Porridge is nice isn't it :-) I love it.

Time for a nice cup of tea :-)

John x


Back to normal, new one arrived. All up and running :-)


Do you all make the porridge in the mircowave or on the hob?


Quaker Oats Original 2 minutes in the microwave. Easier for me to handle.



Dear John, Glad you have a blender in working order, as porridge is tasty, but not for every meal...,ha! Yes, I think you should feel less hungry after being on your diet for a while. I was on a four day all liquid diet a few months ago in preparation for a colonoscopy. Anyway, the first couple of days was difficult and after that I could of cared less about food. And for a foodie like me, that's saying a lot....,ha! That's an extreme example, although I think after a while. one's body just gets use to less. Just my theory! Happy blending!!! ;o)


Hello february,

I just have porridge for porridge in the morning but I do like it.

When i feel a bit hungry I''ve got some packets of 'weight-watcher' biscuits, so I have a one of those with a cup of tea.

Or I just have a glass of water :-)

John :-)


Hi Again John, Those Weight-Watcher biscuits are tasty, as I have those also! In fact, I've lost 30 LBS in the past couple of years on the Weight-Watcher program. I attend a weekly 1/2 hour meeting and weigh-in at that time also. I'm trying to lose about 30 more, although the older I get, the harder it is. Also, with ataxia I can't be as active as I use to be! I don't want to look like a Barbie doll, just be as fit and healthy as possible...,ha! I think the way you're doing your diet is great, and I'm routing for you! ;o)


Hello february,

I know what you mean about Ataxia and being active. I find the exercices that I have been asked to do are pretty difficult at times.

The ones I do whilst sitting in my wheelchair are not too bad even though are uncomfortable - but no pain no gain.

The exercises on my bed for my legs are really difficult. Trying to raise them even a few inches is quite hard work.

But, hey-ho, got to carry on and keep the faith :-)

I laughed at your Barbie Doll comment :-)

I just want to get yo the target that the dietician nurse has set me.

I'm looking towards a slimmer Christmas



Hi Again John, Even though difficult, we must do the best we can! Although I walk with a cane, I do chair exercises also, as well as floor exercises (getting up from the floor is work...,ha!). I also take pleasure walks with my Access Active Rollator and do balance exercises holding onto the shelf between my kitchen and family room. No matter what I do standing, I MUST hold onto something or I'll fall (balance is really compromised). But my neurologist told me if you don't use it you'll lose it! I'm sure you'll meet your goal as I will, even if it takes me forever and a day...,ha! ;o)


Horrible day today, swallowing has been a nasty problem again along with some vomiting.

Been sippong small amounts of water to get fluids into me.

What a funny old world :-)


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