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Diabetes and Ataxia???

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I was just recently told I was borderline diabetic (manage by diet) , and I asked the doctor if it would have any bearing on my Ataxia, to which he said NO, but on the other hand, I have learnt, that it could. What are your experiences? I will be seeing the consultant neurologist in December, so will ask her for a "professional" opinion, as well

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I have to reply to this one, while I was going through the checking stage, as you know the MRI's and the endless blood tests they were actually shocked when I had no sign of diabetes as I was told they thought that was the most logical reason for my condition. I read up as much as I could and the symptoms really are the same. So my view is any doctor that tells us it is not true should be questioned. Actually I am the sort that questions every doctor, so would never be on their Christmas card list. I did find the cause of my condition and I know that I can't reverse it, but I intend to keep fighting it. I am also really interested in your response. Oh for the record it turns I have the condition due to a massive blow to the back of my head, if it can every really be proved!

I do understand enough that those of you that have got this condition through genetics have a whole other situation to deal with so I know you are much more in your doctors hands and I have no right to comment.

Anyway Peter wants your answers I am just the by stander!

I am on your side Peter.

Denise xx

Your post made me think,,,, there was alot of diabetes in my fathers family...I don't have diabetes and don't know about its connection but wouldnt be surprised. X N

Hi i have both Ataxia and Diabetes and i can say that Diabetes does not affect my Ataxia ,they are two different things,caused in different ways and have different effects on the body. Diabetes is all about blood glucose levels,where as Ataxia is not, and the causes are different...Neither condition has any influence on the other,for me any way...

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Thats good to know. Its what I thought, and the GP said so, and you have just confirmed it. Thank you

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