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Friderichs Ataxia and Rosacea

I have been noticing more and more over the last couple of years a rather flushed face, I thought it may have been the FA not telling me soon enough that I was actually too hot. However I am now pretty much always flushed much like in rosacea. Has anyone else had similar problems? Ironically the rest of me (particularly hands, feet and legs) get very very cold.

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Hi annasgonesailing!

My hands and feet can get very cold, also my nose!

On the other hand I can get very hot at times but am

well past the menopause.

I have noticed occasional red scaly patches on my cheeks

on either side of my nose. Prior to diagnosis I convinced

myself this was a symptom of Lupus, the test was negative.

I don't have FA but maybe these symptoms are just common

with Ataxia. xBeryl


Thanks Wobbly bee, I am going to see a Neurologist at the Ataxia clinic in Oxford in May so will put it on my list for them.

Forgot to say I am 29


I get patches of red,dry skin also but I am 54.Could be the menopause.Also go to Oxford.


Hot flushes I was taking amlodipine for high blood pressure stoped them flushes got better I get red blotches on checks too .do you take meds for any thing


Hi I have Friedreichs ataxia and was also diagnosed with rosacea about 18 months ago. I was referred to a dermatologist who prescribed me different creams and what a difference it made! Don't know if the two are related but worth asking?



Thanks Cally I believe rosacea can be triggered by flushing too much so it may be F Ataxia related


I suffer with FA a


I have


I found this a most interesting query. Around five years ago I was diagnosed as suffering rosacea. I had never experienced any skin problems prior to this, and was even relatively pimple free. A dermatologist did a good job of ridding me of the facial rash with antibiotics and laser treatment. A year or so later I contacted my doctor due to tthe fact that i was experiencing balance problems, after a brief interval Late Onset SC ataxia was diagnosed, it has now taken a firm grip on me.

I have often wondered whether or not there was a connection between the two conditions. I also find that my face still flares red occasionally. I suspect that the immediate trigger for that may be dietary. However I would be really pleased to receive any further information on this phenomenon so that I may bring it up with my neurologist, a very affable individual who cheerfully views SCA like a freak weather system, of unknown origin and uncertain future.


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