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under active thyroid

Iread heath unlocked every day, but this is the first time Ihave written any thing, I am 77 years old, and I have ataxia, but I also have an underactive thyroid for which i take thyroxine tablets. The reason I am writing today is I pin point the ataxia starting slowly from when I first started taking thyroxine, also a neighbour who was diagnosed with under active thyroid the same time as me,and is now having simlar problems as me, is it just me, or could there be a connection hilda timmis

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Interesting, You might be both allergic to this med. Discuss w your dr. pronto


Hi Bodgerpie,

Please write about this on the Thyroid UK forum where you're very likely to get some response.



i have cerebellar ataxia . my thyroid keeps coming back as normal but I have symptoms of thyroid problems like extreme tiredness itchy skin, thyroid nodules so have wondered if there is a connection. tell me know how you went on


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