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Powered wheelchair-different joysticks and which powered chairs do you have?


Hi Everyone,

I tried a powered chair for the first time today and really struggled with the joy stick and due to my ataxia I couldn't get the chair to go straight at all but also had a problem pushing it and my arm got so tired.

For those of you who have a powered wheelchair which joysticks do you use and work best?

I also want a chair that can cope with all terrains. I tried the Trekinetc powered chair today. But not sure if it's the right chair for me or not. What chairs do you all have?


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Good morning Grapes.... I have an Invercare Mirage powerchair..... instead of using fingers on joystick, hold the arm of the wheelchair with the joystick at the joint between thumb and finger..... then move hand slightly to left or right to turn, without taking hand off wheelchair arm, and push hand forward to travel..... start off slowly till you get used to it Gapes, you will find it gets easier as you go!

Good luck, have a nice day but take care and stay safe! 😀👍🌈

Grapes12 in reply to Veteran250

Thank you 😊. I was doing it like that think I need a bit more support and more practice as well!

my husband has a wheelchair + Tri-Ride attachment. It's fabulous, with handlebars and a powerful battery - basically the front end of a scooter. He has a light, slightly sporty wheelchair and we often go 'off piste'. As long as the terrain is wide enough and even enough he can manage, even in the Alps. Wimbledon Common terrain is perfect nearer home. There's an option to get fat tyres but we've not needed those.

He fortunately got it through Access to Work - the NHS would only provide the joystick type of chair for him so we had to convince A2W that this was better and that nothing similar was available from the NHS. It's given him freedom, dignity, independence - amazing and he's often stopped by passers by who ask for info as it looks great too.

Happy to provide more info if needed :)

Which wheelchair is it ?

It's a Kushall but I don't know which model. The Tri-Ride fits to most wheelchairs with a bracket attached to the wheelchair frame that the Tri-Ride bars slide into.

Grapes12 in reply to cocobibi

Thank you 😊 That sounds amazing I am so pleased he has that level of freedom. I am going to look into the attachment.

Hi grapes12

I also had trouble with the joystick and also the ‘supermarket ‘front wheels which had a mind of their own. I have now got a scooter which is very much better and safer and I use the chair just in the house and even then there are odd scratches on the skirting and also the door frames mainly due to Ataxia hands!! Both of mine are second hand but bought through a dealer which included a guarantee.

Good luck and let us know how you get on


Grapes12 in reply to tedjohnson

Thank you 😊. I have a scooter which I get on well with and have more control with but it's to big for small spaces and now I require a wheelchair full time I think a power chair is what I need.

Currently using the manual but that's becoming more and more difficult, outside I rely on someone pushing me. But inside I have damaged lots of doors too, oops. I'm going to look into different joy sticks and see if I can find one that suits me.

I really like the look of the Frontier V4 that looks like a great all terrain wheelchair but can also be used inside.

ok suitable for those with walker ONLY, till I can walk, must exercise legs.NOT ALL luxury of walking.Had installed a stairlift, not used, tthe same reason....I need to adjust balance as long as possible. scooter ONLY ONE DAY when I CANNOT MOVE THEM AT ALL. i AM STUBBORN OLD SO AND SO.

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