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Appointment with GP at last


It's so difficult trying to get one but at last this afternoon will asked to be referred to the neurologist. I bet it'll be the one I saw all those years ago.

Last time I had to walk a little way down the corridor but the walls were very close so felt secure and didn't wobble much. In her office touched my nose with my finger, pushed against her hand and same on the bed with legs. No MRI. Does this all sound about right?

What should I ask for today to get some feedback about my condition since before. I know how I feel and think I'll probably stop walking about very soon, but should let her tell me yes or no.

I'm so tired. Barely have the energy to walk to the lift to go outdoors. Definitely scooter today.

Thanks in advance, Jean

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Good luck with your appointment this afternoon.

You could ask to be referred to an Ataxia Clinic ..... it will involve travelling because there are only a few in the country. If you look at the Ataxia UK website there are details of where they are.

Hi springlove

Yes this is wat doctors get you to do,ask to be referred to a nuro doctor and insist on a MRI scan for your piece of mind,you will need this to claim your PIP which you are entitled to

Good luck 😉

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