hi all,

I think this prob has nothing at all to do with ataxia, but just in case I thought I'd see if anymore else has experienced the same problem.

About 3 weeks ago, I quite suddenly lost my appetite. I usually eat loads and really well. Suddenly foods I usually eat were making me want to be sick, just from the smell of them. I thought I must have a stomach bug so I starved myself for a day and just drank water. The next day I felt hungrier, but I still can't eat much and still many foods still make me feel sick. For example garlic, tomatoes, strong meats . . . So now I'm not eating healthy or very much. Really only eating bland foods, chicken, bread and butter . . . . .

I really don't understand what's going on!

I am seeing my gp anyway in about 10 days time, but just wondered if anyone else has ever had this.

I really can't be pregnant - think completely impossible now.

any comments are much appreciated

Alison xx

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  • Hi

    Are you on any medication? I am experiencing the exact same thing as yourself but I am on 1000mg per day of acetazolamide and I know loss of appetite and that sick feeling is a side effect for me.😊

  • only ceris, and femera. I take tramadol and alprozolame if really needed

  • Hi WibblyWobbly, Tramadol may be the culprit. It often (but not always) makes me feel very nauseated and I go right off my food. Have lost quite a bit of weight that way! All the best to you from Oniki.

  • 🤔 I wonder if that medication ( Acetazolamide) was responsible for me going off coffee. I used to look forward to Hospital appointments because of Costa Coffee 😉 xB

  • Hey wobblybee it probably is the culprit for putting you off coffee. I'm struggling with many things I like but can't stomach at the moment😒x

  • Sorry never had that!

    Try smoothies and thick shakes? x

  • saw my gp yesterday. He checked my stomach but thinks my appetite problem is due to my depression. So new antidepressants and we shall see . . . .

  • Alison I've no idea, sorry - other than you're actually being Mary :)

    I too eat loads, costs me a fortune, but I rarely feel hungry, I nor$ally feel Thirsty instead. My Mum says when I come to stay she cooks for four, (as there's only my Mum and Dad)

    Sam x

  • Hi Wibblywobbly,

    Just in case it's applicable to you, one of our previous issues of the Ataxia Magazine discusses depression and diet a little; it includes some tips that you might find useful. You can find the PDF article in Issue 196, page 9, on our website:

    (It is best of course to discuss any changes you make to your diet with your GP first.)

    All the best,

    Steph Marley

    Communications Officer

    Ataxia UK

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