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PIP madness


Got PIP letter today for my partner.Shocked and angry is an understatement.22 pound a week low rate mobility.I wasn't so bothered about that but to be told that he is capable of making a meal so daily living zero.I was cool and phoned for an explanation as we had a letter from the Neuro rehab OT who stated that I do all the household tasks and finances.My partner the last time he tried to cook nearly set our kitchen on fire and is too much at risk to cook or prepare food.I was asked where my evidence is.I was gobsmacked and asked them to move in here for a week to see.So upset.Never claimed a penny in our lives and my partner still goes to work despite it exhausting him to the max.

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This is really difficult to accept. It seems heartless when you get a letter like that, and you feel that your partner is not capable of some of the daily living tasks, so now you get zero! If there is an appeal process, try that. What does your partner's personal physician have to say about that? I have heard from others that the PIP processing is difficult and not always fair. I wish there were a better system.

I got nothing from PIP . Assessor deemed i can cook and make a drink despite wife leaving me food and drink in a flask. I appealed and am still waiting. No help from citizens advice.

Question was :- can you cut vegetables and from there it is inferred that I can cook

Answer was:- Yes I can provided the perching stool was in place, not near cooker.

I had 2 PIP assessments over the last 18 months, and I got bugger all, apart from the points needed NOT to be able to claim anything. I am now at the point, of believing unless one is either thick/stupid, and all the other propaganda that goes with the subject, I can fully understand the little white lies, or the blatant lies some people have to say to get PIP. Various people have said to me "why not", including social/GP's, even friends.... do not get me started, Denise B, has heard me rant on. Have come to the sad conclusion, unless one is wheelchair dependant/nearly dead/ stupid/no education and a few others I could mention, a person has no chance in 2018/2019

Alip-j in reply to peterallison

I must say this post really has bought a smile to my face.Exactly right.They have no idea about ataxia.These people are brutal but I'm gonna fight the buggers all the way.

Have you claimed Attendance Allowance? Tax free and not means tested. No financial questions asked. I get the lower rate of about £56 per week which at least pays for my cleaner.

yes, but I was advised I had to over the of 65 Lorraine

Sorry, I forget my age at times 🙃 I got Ataxia at 63, now 66. True, Lorraine, you do need to be 65.

What you have said is no surprise. Do not give up as that is what the DWP want. There is an appeal process seek help from the CAB. I had great help from them and good advice. Keep a record of all dates (proof of posting) I presume you had a face to face assessment do not trust them no matter how nice they seem. Follow the appeals process right through even to tribunal if needed. Get doctors letters etc and keep copies. Check online for what the descriptors mean.

ddmagee1 in reply to cymruralf

Good advice!!!

Definitely appeal! I used fightback4justice to help with my claim and they are really helpful with appeals too. I found the whole PIP process demeaning and depressing. Focussing on my symptoms was really bad for my mental health but I need my blue badge for work so had to go through it. Despite Atos assessor recommending me zilch, the DWP awarded me more than I was hoping for so I count myself lucky. I recorder my Atos assessment (you have to tell them and there are strict rules to follow.) I don't know if that made a difference. Perhaps indicated that I was not to be trifled with. Anyone who wants to borrow 2 identical cassette recorders from London/Croydon area let me know. Yes, cassette recorders! They don't make it easy for you to record sessions but it's worth it. I hope everyone on the forum will use their vote next general election to oust this vicious government. Solidarity!

ddmagee1 in reply to dansybelle

Excellent advice!!

Just out of curiosity what job does your partner do & what are his hours.

Alip-j in reply to Legs-alive

He's a binman for the local council.

Hi Alip-j

I totally get your rant I did lots of those through the pip process on behalf of my husband. You need to ask for a mandatory reconsideration put it in writing and keep proof of posting. Also request that they send you the assessors report that the decision was based on. Then go to a charity or citizens advice to help you complete your appeal using the descriptors to counter their arguments and don't be surprised if the assesssor minimises what your husband says. We went to tribunal and won but it's exhausting. You'll need help to get through the process bless you and all the best.

Thankyou so much for your advice.I telephoned and was put through to an assessor and she just said 'we will put it through for Mandatory for you' so casually..I am going to get another letter from the OT as they said my partner can cook with aids.I asked what aids ? to find they blamed the OT and said she should have given us advice.There are no aids to help.My partner is a liability in the kitchen and has nearly set the kitchen on fire already.These people have no clue about sca2. So upsetting.

peterallison in reply to Alip-j

I find the assessors know the meaning of the word ataxia, and its general effects, BUT do NOT know the specific SCA's I have just got a letter from Prof H, at Sheffield saying in black and white how it affects ME, and how it will not get any better, but get worse. There is nothing more anyone can really say. Like I have said in previous posts, take it to tribunal level, I am, and sorry to all those that say "explain how it affects you on a bad day", but I have found that saying the truth (3 assessments since August 2017), might be a good thing, but it does not do you any favours in the long run.

Appeal,fight for your rights!Good Luck.

Alip-j in reply to benning

Thankyou.I am on it. I'm a fighter 😀

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