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Strange scarring

My name is Alex, im still unsure of the type of ataxia i have but hope to find out soon.

I have some vertical scarring at the top of my thighs that I noticed about a year ago,there was no accident or cut they just appeared. I was hoping the scars would heal but they won't. I cant explain why and was hoping someone could shed some light on the matter please.

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Could they be stretch marks? Have you put a little weight on or had a growth spurt?


Im 34, so a growth spurt is unlikely and weight, posible but the scaring is only on my left leg and not the right. i would ask the same questions but no answers! I have made an appointment with my gp but i bet they will be as confused as me!


about 5 yrs ago i noticed similar marks on my upper thighs i later was diagnosed as having ataxia and sensory neuropathy there now testing for micondrial disease


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