Strange round tummy

hi, I have a rather deformed looking round belly. I know with all the other things ataxia brings this really is not serious but I just wondered if anyone else has one too.

Naturally I'm quite a slim shape, but I have a very round belly that looks like I'm about 5/6 months pregnant!

My physiotherapist says it the way I have learnt to use my body for balance - I stick my belly forward.

I've had this strange shape for about 20 years now. Before it wasn't too big but now as my symptoms have got worse it has grown.

physiotherapist says the only way it will reduce is with the balancing exercises that I do. But he says it's not a problem cos it's my way of not falling over.

Anyone else got the same strange shape - I'm just interested



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  • good to know it's not just me ;). Wonder how many others have the same thing

  • Hi there☺ ~ certainly have the "same stomach drama"!!! 😲😋

  • Same with me! And to think I had just gained weight there...,ha! And my back aches after a while if I'm on my feet to long as I tend to tighten it to help keep my balance, as well as lift my shoulders. I don't know I'm doing it unless someone tells me. Ah ataxia!!!! ;o)

  • I too contract my neck muscles when things become difficult (often lol). That in turn gives me migraines. I have learnt to pause and drop my shoulders and relax my muscles. Less migraines now 😊. I don't notice that I'm contracting my neck but I can feel my poor brain working hard from really concentrating so I know it's the moment to do this. My physiotherapist massages my neck regularly. Do you have your neck massaged?

  • My belly seems to be permanently larger than in the past. I thought it was food or reaction to food or aging or who knows what. Now this. Never thought of ataxia / balance as a culprit.

  • Is it because we have poor muscles ?

  • I don't think it's poor muscles as I have actually quite a lot of muscle in my belly. Just that we are using them incorrectly - but I suppose it's better than falling over. Obviously that happens too though! Lol

  • I have a strange shape due to all my falls. I tend to fall on my back and as a result my spine sticks ou because of a complex fracture and by belly is compressed. I lost an inch in height and my belly folds over my waist. Between part of my spine sticking out and my belly compressed, I feel very uncomfortable and hope to get it fixed. For the spine, I've heard of body tethering, but not to increase the belly part. I suppose a plastic surgeon could it be adding a strip of skin and flesh to my belly thus giving me and my organs more room. Anybody have any further ideas or know of anything?

  • oooh that sounds very uncomfortable. Maybe someone on this site knows of something to help

  • I too have a belly never had one until I had too permanelty be in a wheelchair, I could do with a tummy tuck really.

  • I often wear a weighted belt around my waist, as I think (?) this helps me. It's designed for a child with autism and I bought it on the net (3 pounds, although I removed 1 LB). It came in different sizes Also, I have a back support (soft cloth, velcro closure) that I sometimes wear, especially if I'm doing light housekeeping. I plan to make an appointment to have a massage every two weeks as my muscles are tight.

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