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That tremor controlling bracelet for Parkinson's Disease

I don't normally watch TV programmes like the 'Life fix' series on BBC last week but I caught bits of it I wanted to see on iplayer

I was intrigued by the bracelet they invented for the graphic designer. It seemed to work by a series of little vibrating devices fooling the brain's feedback to dampen the tremor. I wondered if the mechanics of a Parkinson's tremor are different to an Ataxia tremor? I remember when I was first diagnosed 40 yrs ago they tried lead pads to sit on my shoulder to get the same effect (no, really!)

I'm seeing the specialist on Weds, I'll ask

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Hi😊 It was a great result, let us know what your Consultant says 😊xB


Yes a lot of positive things in that programme. I am going to tell my friends and Neurologist about it.


Well, I saw the 'specialist' yesterday, who I won't name; she said the tremor in Parkinson's is totally different to that in Ataxia, and that the bracelet 'wasn't in clinical use', she'd seen the programme too - but I had to explain to her student about how it worked by fooling the brain's feedback mechanisms.

I don't think I've ever met such an arrogant, tactless self serving doctor as this one, she hadn't seen me for over 10 years (hadn't got my full notes either); saw me in a wheelchair, which I use in big buildings, supermarkets etc because it's faster and less wear on knees and elbows than crutches, so she immediately assumed I'd had a massive deterioration, and I was treated to a lecture on how I wouldn't be able to cope in future! (social model of disability anyone?).

When she said 'I don't want to see you on a regular basis' I was tempted to reply 'nor I you'!

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