ello, I'm new to this. I was diagnosed in 1980 as having FA. and I've since married and had 2 healthy daughters. They have both now left home and my husband and I recently moved from Maidenhead in the South to Newton Le Willows, Near Warrington, in the North West], to live near the youngest daughter, who just got married up here. I have used a w. c. since I was 28 and am now having more trouble wheeling around. I saw the 'Wijit' on 'You Tube', demonstrated by someone with 'FA' and wondered if anyone here had 1?

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  • Hi,

    just seen this post so sorry for late reply. I used to work in a wheelchair service so have seen a number of lever drives for wheelchairs. If you want to try one then there are a few different options - Nu-drive is another type of lever for manual chairs. I don't have them but I did test them out and they have benefits depending on what your needs are and your present wheelchair skills. The good thing is they are portable and clip on and off so you can decide where and when to use them. You could get a rep to come out and see you and let you try them with your current wheelchair. If you are new to an area then you should get a referral to your new wheelchair service for a review and get on their books. England has the voucher scheme so you may be able to use that towards buying them. It is worth asking them if they do joint funding arrangements or individual patient funding from the commissioners of their service - this is a way to access something not in their criteria. Good luck!

  • thanks. Yes I have the NuDrive Air here to try but I have 22 " wheels and it's to big. It does adjust but won't go small enough Have an NHS Action 3, and I have Friedreich's Ataxia.

  • Ask for 24" wheels - unless you can't transfer over them.

  • ty, ok shall ask

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