does any1 have a problem with their bowls

I have FA I've had a bladder problem for a long time but now I'm having a problem with my bowls I was constibated for 8wks and now i've gone the other way,, I've been 2 my doctor but all he did was 2 tell me it was normal for people like me who are in a wheelhair permantly (I've been in my wheelchair permantly now for abot 9-10yrs). does anyone else have this problem, or any advise please, this problem is ruining my life as I can't go out for fear I'll have an accident.

thanks 6legsnot2

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  • Hi 6legsnot2

    I am so sorry to hear that you are having problems. What a nightmare it must be for you. I have heard of other people with FA having problems with their bowels but I am not sure as to whether this is a direct result of FA or if it is a result of permanent wheelchair use and/or poor diet e.g. not enough fibre etc. Did your GP give you any advice about diet and/or refer you to the Continence Team (not the most pleasant, I know!)


  • Thankyou I've just managed 2 c a different doctor about 1hr ago, he's said if it hasn't improved in a wk he'll send a stooll of 2 be tested just 2 see if I've got a seperent problem, just shows how different doctors have different opinions. i have already increased my fibre but thanks for the advise it's nice to know there someone out there that understands. thanks again.


  • hi 6legsnot2

    i started having problems with my bladder a few months back, recently had to go for tests to find out why and they told me i had an unstable bladder but my bowel was also becoming unstable. since then i have upgraded tena panty pads to tena slips, unfortunately these do look like a nappy but are fab as you can go out and about without worrying. i am only in a wheelchair when i am out ans about. hope this helps a little x


  • I have had bowel problems (constipation) for well over a year now. Initially it was thought to be the use of a pain killer that has constipation as a side effect. I stopped taking the pain killer tablets and I still have the same problem (all beit not quite as bad). Being less mobile and lack of fibre were then considered to be the cause. I can still walk (but less so) and increased fibre into my diet significantly which includes adding natural oat bran to most of my foods, prescribed Fibrgel sachets and Lactoluse solution. I also eat more fruit and veg. This has appeared to help a little but I still have the problem. I was diagnosed with Diverticular disease after a Barium enema or colonoscopy so have to constantly keep my digestive system moving. I have Cerebellar Ataxia (cause unknown). I have also been tested for Gluten intollerance which was negative so gluten is not the problem in my case.

  • Hello 6legsnot2

    Since my recent operation',which went horribly wrong,everything has gone wrong. I too have trouble with my bladder and bowels, both of which don't work The latter is causing problems. I am like you in that going out is a trial. I never know when I will go or what it will be,normal or otherwise. One thing I do know,is that I daren't eat or drink when out.I have lost count of the medication I have had. Still they are trying to correct things.

    Take care


    PS I thought I was the only person in the world with this problem!!

  • hi i have sca20 i suffer from chronic constipation at one stage i was going to have a colostomy bag fitted they were going to takje most of my colon away then it was an iliostomy now i was told i have to have bowel management with b3 phoshphorus enemas a week plus movicol as for my bladder i went into urine retention i hasd a catheter fitted for 3 years im happy to say im urinating properly now but im on 400 mg of tamsalosin for my prostate gd luck all

  • Hello Jayjay

    I have bladder retention. Try as I may my bladder will not work.Stilll with time!!

    One of the treatments for my bowel problems was movicol but it didn't agree with me, so it had to go, I am now trying a different medication

    Take care


  • Have you tried Fibrogel Carol. Movicol (or Laxido orange) worked for me short term but my bowel movements became loose and I was not emptying my bowels as often as I should and I also ended up with stomach and chest pains. After my doctor changed my prescription to Fibrogel I found it much more helpful. Fibrogel not only relieves the constipation but aso bulks up my stools making them softer and easier to empty. I was also prescribed Lactoluse solution which is a sweet liquid solution taken twice a day that increases my bowel movements on a regular basis. I am now more regular and relatively pain free.

  • I have to add that althoughI have been more regular with my bowel movements, I still on occassions have trouble. I think this is partly because I sometimes forget to take the medication. It stresses me out sometimes.

  • hi fi a holistic approach for bowel problems is natural yoghurt 1 tbls and 2 tbles of black treacle or liquirice also i used to attend a ms therapy ctr they recommended golden linseed, my old colorectal surgeon told me the nerves in my bowel are not squishing and squashing the stools aqlong thus they set like concrete hugs jay

  • Hello Jayjay

    Thanks for the reply,much appreciated. Holistic treatment sounds good, the problem is my bowels are neither one thing or the other and I never know. I should hate to aggrevae an already difficult situation. I don't know what to do.

    Take care


  • Hi Jayjay, holistic treatments do sound good. i just eat loads of fruit & veg. but lately I find that this isn't always good enough so I may try some of what you mentioned.

    Hugs & loves xxx

  • ur welcome fi hugs and loves xxx

  • hi, thankyou all for your reply's in

    1 way its a relief 2 know i'm not the only 1 but then again its upseting 2 know there's people out there thats got it a lot worse than me. Thankyou Ian25 i think i'll ask my doctor if i can change movicol to fibrogel n see if thats works. Again thankyou for all the advise.

    Take care xx

  • another natural laxative is aloe vera juice thx

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