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Last week, on a hot day, I had a period of disassociation/ confusion whilst in a local cafe with a friend. An ambulance was called, I was taken to hospital and, the next day given an ECG, a CAT scan to the head and an ultrasound of my neck veins. No lasting damage was found, although I am to have other tests. The consultant said that the episode was most likely a TIA, sometimes called a mini stroke. The NHS was wonderful and I feel fine, although tired.

I would like to know if any fellow Ataxians have had a similar experience and would be grateful for any tips.

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  • Hello😊 That must have been so scary and confusing for you, I am so sorry that happened to you 😨 I find that extreme variations in temperature affect me for the worse. After a life time of enjoying the heat, now I basically fear it. I put on all the fans, open all windows, wear only cotton clothes, have a bottle of very cold water with me at all times, if I have to go out I wear open toed sandals, stay in the shade, wear lots of sunscreen and a hat. Basically if you can't avoid the heat ~ protect yourself from it ☺ Pick air conditioned coffe shops in the heat and sit directly under the vent. Ataxia related or not, people diagnosed with MS really struggle with extreme temperature fluctuations 😩 hope this helped somewhat 💜

  • what you say , regarding temperature, is interesting.

  • Hi! I didn't really explain myself with the MS comparison 😓Here in oz the heat can be brutal at times, MS is a common diagnosis ~ some people are diagnosed MS with Ataxia. There is lots of scientific evidence of temperature fluctuations really affecting people with MS, so why not us?? (Ataxia )

  • Right. I recall my first neuro old me to join an MS group when I told her that I couldnt find a CA group. (I dont have MS) She was quite smart and I still see her periodically. What is Oz? N

  • Sorry, sorry Neta ~ Oz is Australia ~ I try really hard not to "slip into our colloquism" but I often fail ~ sorry 😔 I did notice some brilliant "tips" for handling the cold on this site ~ we don't get much information on the rest of the world but we did get news about the heatwave in UK last year 😲 Your neuro was pretty smart ~ Ataxia is becoming a diagnosis more often, but it's still rare, so refering you to join a group like what you have (but not the same ) was caring of your nuero ~ we've all got a way of "helping" each other ~ the more people talking/chatting the more we can learn ☺

  • No prob. Funny part: As I got your email an Aussie PT man arrived. I asked him if he knew about Oz, he seemed to say, no. But then he said, "oh, Australians are called Ozzies, now I get it ". Anyway he's a big believer in retraining the brain, moving around, etc., something the neuro waves his nose at. The neuro is a strict 2016 science man; he believes in pills, shots and IV's. The PT has a broader belief system; but says everything he believes in is scientifically backed up. Confusing, no?

  • Hi Joolz,

    I put a post up on Headway, regarding heat exacerbation of symptoms. I am suspected MS but found that others with brain injuries/ other neurological diseases can also be affected. Basically, heat can affect signals, making our nerve communication worse, amongst other reasons.


    Angela x

  • Hey! Read the link ~ pretty good info! I'll find your post on Headway ~ I just already feel it will be good 😊 Heat is such a massive "cruel event" with such massive consequences but I also think the cold really hurts people too 😩 I reaearch on myself, so for everyone else its 30 I need a cardigan ~ thermometer registers me at 20 ~ I could go on and on but I won't, have worked out I'm 10 hotter or colder than everyone else 😣 talk to you soon 💖 Julie

  • Very helpful. Thanks.

  • Dear MM,

    Wow what an unfunny experience! My uncle had TIA but there was no talk of CA maybe this was hidden from us I am now thinking. He was quite old when this happened and he spent his remaining years in a nursing home quite out of it. I think TIA can be a disease itself. Maybe you were merely dehydrated or anxious. Whatever it was, may it never happen again!! L,N

  • Hi i had a major stroke 4 yrs ago to the balance part of the brain stem that has brought ataxia on

  • All thr comments about heat are very interesting. I live in Spain & it'svery hot at the moment. Many of my symptoms that I thought were just me nowmake sense thanks. This site is really helpful, explaining things. Everyone try to be positive, heat or no heat.

    Blessings to everyone

    Berejena xxx

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