Dizziness part of ataxia

I was recently diagnosed with SCA type 2. I have nystagmus and slightly slurred speech as well as a shrunken cerebellum! I have no weakness in my legs or arms or any other symptoms as yet but I am always dizzy and take anti sickness medication called prochloroperazine which appears to be less effective as time goes on!!

Does anyone have or know anyone that has ataxia AND vertigo or ataxia with vertigo as a symptom?

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  • Hi there,

    Are you kidding/ ?Dizziness is the bane of my existence!

  • Me, all the time and I have weakness in both legs and arms. I don't have vertigo but I do have dizziness and I take anti sickness tabs but they don't really work.

    It's a daily slog xx

  • hi i have nystagmus and put my dizynuss down to this, as my head also shakes, have slurred speech and no balance or co ordination.

  • I was on betahistine but also prochloroperazine. Try it. I think it is a bit stronger and helps me

  • Baclofen causes dizziness. Everyone was concerned about Baclofen side effects.

  • I am dizzy 24 7

  • I almost have more vertigo than dizziness. I often feel like I am falling and spinning at the same time. It's like I just got off of a carnival ride. I guess that different people with the same diagnosis can each experience their own degree of vertigo or dizziness.

  • Sounds familiar!! Is your vertigo separate from your ataxia or is vertigo just another symptom of ataxia?

  • It definately developed as part of the ataxia. It doesn't matter that much because either dizziness or vertigo will make it hard for me to maintain my balance.

  • BTW, there is a difference between ataxic dizziness, which I have 24/7 (though not when I sit or lie down,) and vertigo. Vertigo is a slower spinning sensation. I had vertigo this summer after a nasty fall in NYC where my forehead took the brunt of the fall. The scan did not show a concussion but it sure felt like one. . I think I had vertigo and headache as a reaction to the head fall. It has since vanished , except a small bump, as have the raccoon eyes. Now I am back to "normal" ataxia and it sucks!

  • I have ataxia and my balance has always been hard to maintain at times but manageable. Last week I was at Lourdes and we had a picnic in the mountains and then back to Lourdes where I had terrible vomiting for 12 hours treated with anti nausea pills. the world does not keep spinning but my balance is terrible . I no longer feel sick but am very giddy all the time. I saw a doc on Friday and he said it could be the acoustic neuroma being affected by the altitude. I do not have a fever but can only walk about in the house hanging onto furniture it is worse when I change position from sitting down when i have be standing and getting out of bed. I live alone and find it hard going- people seem to think that it should settle down. I have cerebellar ataxia, normal pressure hydrocephalus as well as the acoustic neuroma which has affected my balance and hearing. tomorrow I go to the neuro unit to have a spinal tap which helps my walking so perhaps that will help. I was pleased to have managed the journey by coach, plane and coach but do other people find that air travel affects them.My new grandson arrived on Thursday but I will need to use a wheelchair to see him as my balance is so bad- are there exercises you can do to improve things . all the best to everyone Sylvia

  • Hi Yes Dr yesterday said my husband had vertigo and he has attaxia (awaiting diagnosis of what kind) currently cant get his head off pillow without feeling like he is going to throw up. was admitted christmas day with low sodium due to vommitting, crazy situation what causes what who only knows chicken or egg springs to mind! Did the low sodium (salt) cause vommitting or the chronic vomitting cause the low sodium?! Anyways the result was nausea, sickness, dizziness, unsteady on the feet you know the score.

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