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MSA and athleticism

Thank you all for replying to my earlier post. ianluce001 Has hit the nail on the head. Those of us who have led athletic, competitive lives are aware of symptoms far earlier than those who have not. So I will follow the Nike maxin "Just do it" and have joined a bio kinetics clinic and swimming coaching. It gives me goals to aim for keep the dark moments at bay. What a wonderful feeling one gets from the support of the water.

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Hi! Pec2884 ☺ (and everybody) Good Luck with your new exercise plan 💪 Water therapy is unreal (you can't really hurt yourself 😊) My best holiday ever had a salt water pool (they are warmer) I needed help to get in it, but no help needed once in! The feeling of freedom was priceless!!!

I used to surf and was quite good at it (if I say so myself!!!) I cannot tell you how embarrassed I was falling off, (everone thought I was doing it for a laugh but I knew better) I didn't know I had Ataxia then, so I quit surfing and took up body surfing instead! I reasoned I couldn't fall off as I was already in the water ~ hehe!😄Anyway won't "toot" my horn too much, I did lots of competitive sport. I reckon stress" brings it out to play" 🌺


Hi @jool. So super to have friends to talk to. That feeling of freedom is so precious.😘


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