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Hands won't open

OK - not sure if this is common, or their is something going on - when I lift / carry something that is heavy, or when I clench my hands together for 10 - 15 seconds - and I try to open my hands - my fingers wont move - I can try my hardest, and nothing - takes about 5 minutes, then the work just fine - kind of annoying at times, and seems to be happening more often.

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I think these r called cramps, no? Iain25 wrote about them 2 years ago. Check it out.  

Does anyone suffer from hand cramps?

Iain25 Volunteer 2 years ago 11 Replies

I've been having problems with cramps in my hands from time to time. My car has been adapted to hand controls and I use a steering ball to control the steering. Not sure if this is the reason but I had a couple of bad moments last night while out driving. When my hand cramps I can't control the steering at all and have to stop immediately no matter where I am on the road.



Every so often I have something similar happen. My hand goes like a claw and will not open. Not very often though and I do not know when.

I do get leg cramps and take turmeric and my physio said to try Elete after sport electrolytes.  Obviously be very careful if you are taking other medication that turmeric (only curry powder though) might  react with. I found this good website to check herbs on

Hope this helps :  )


This happens to me as well,just as you described,my hand locks and my fingers sort of bunch together, i have to use my other hand to open up my fingers but it is painful..


Sounds pretty close although their is no pain with mine,  such is good,  I have enough pain already -  I also have scoliosis and malignant hyperthermia


Yes,my hands are often like this. I think that its quite a common later symptom.


Dear Sthayer, My fingers at times tend to do this, as I grip things so tightly to keep from dropping them. Other parts of my body are like this also, especially my knees. They tend to "lock" if I'm standing for a long period of time. My best to you..., ;o) 


hi my hands do this too sometimes, especially in a claw like position. I find a couple of weeks of hand exercises usually stops it happening for a while. There are some exercises on ataxiafightback site or just look on the internet for some. I do just what they call the warm up exercises. They are difficult at first but persevere as they get easier with practise and really do help. All the best. Alison xx


Hi, I have been getting exactly the same thing in recent months. It is also happening under the arch of my feet and when this happens my toes fan out and take on a distorted look. My GP has prescribed me with Quinine tablets to see if it helps. I've only been on them a week and according to info it takes up to 4 weeks before you see any benefit


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