Any ideas please?

I have started leaning for extra support and balance and I am doing it a lot in my workshop when I work my clay. I am using the edge of the table for added support. My neuro-physio wants me to use my knees instead and has suggested I try and get a knee height support bar. A friend has very sweetly said he will make me something but I was wondering if anyone could think of something I could adapt and use. Many thanks for any suggestions : )

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  • Are you standing or sitting when you work Litty?

    I'd recommend an adjustable-height stool - and adjust the height so that you don't need to lean. You can probably buy online fairly cheaply (the ones that are designed to sit at a breakfast bar).

    I favour my right side naturally, and have started to have niggles in my right shoulder. I hadn't really noticed at first (it's not that sore) - but a physio pointed it out to me. It's all down to me using my right arm for support. And more damagingly, when I get to my feet. For just a brief moment, my right shoulder is supporting the entire weight of my body - and shoulders are not designed for this.

    Physio's advice is to make a conscious effort to use my left side too, and when possible, to use my legs to support my weight.

  • Thank you. The occupational therapist gave me a great stool but I am silly and start sitting but end up standing. Who knows why!!

    Snap with the left side being weaker!

  • I know exactly what you mean. I've been advised to carry my stick with my left hand when out walking. So I do. Well, that's how I start. After a few minutes, I look down, and think "How did that stick get into my right hand so quickly?" :-D

  • Oh I'm SO slow!!! Just realised its you!

    You must think me so rude. How is it going? X

  • Not at all Litty.

    It was an absolute pleasure to walk with Ian in Hyde Park. And his donation was SO generous.

    All going as planned here. Leaving at end of month for a wee wander around Europe (walking in 17 cities).

    Seeing physio this afternoon actually - so had better get a wriggle on I suppose ;-)

    Hope you are good today.

    Iain :-)

  • I used to use a tilted chair to support my back when I was at work. The cheap version of the original Balans chair. Apparently they're now not so popular but I found it helped my back and was easy to swivel onto feet to stand, thus avoiding the leaning on desk bit. Have just been on Internet and searched standing chair. Some interesting results, especially the images. There seem to be a number of options, all of which seem pricey, but maybe they would help? Posturerite, not amongst many others. I suppose although expensive if something fits the bill it's worth or maybe it would help suggest a design that you'd be able to adapt and have made up if you have someone kind enough to offer? A friend of mine has started doing weekly yoga with me and my partner who has ataxia. This has had multiple benefits for all three of us. Most of all I think the fact that we all struggle at different exercises and my partner is best at some despite having ataxia has been a brilliant breakthrough for her confidence, let alone the physical benefits. She too does the leaning especially to stand but me trying to help her make a conscious effort (ie nagging!) to use her legs more has often led to a row. The yoga has given her supported exercises to help develop leg strength and she is now much happier to work on using her legs to stand as its more like practising her yoga rather than because she's got ataxia if that makes sense. Anyway , no rows and better standing so double whammy thanks to yoga. Sorry I'm rambling on, good luck with the knee rest.

  • I can't offer any suggestions but Alexander technique is very good.

    I go regularly, privately of course, and my teacher will give me advice on how to do any tasks, bearing in mind my problems.

  • do some leg strengthening exercises . I have joined an exercise group at the adult ed college and it is called exercise to recovery so in the class we practise exercises that help us improve our strength and stamina and I have really noticed the difference- it is also nice to get out of the house and meet people. good luck !

  • I was starting to get problems flexing my foot up and down from the ankle, but remembered a really simple strengthening exercise (from when I broke my leg) by using a 'thera band' (basically a huge rubber band, you can get them cheaply on ebay).

    Every morning I sit on the bedroom floor, loop one end over my foot and press that foot down about 25 times.

  • Many thanks for all the great suggestions

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