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Contracted neck

Does anyone else suffer from their neck muscles contracting up.

Every time I use a lot of effort to do something my neck contracts up, which then results in headaches / migraines and even more dizziness.

When I go to my physio sessions we always finish with a neck massage otherwise I'd be in a right old state!

I've just passed the summer with this problem greatly reduced and I could do much more. But now the problem is getting worse again.😒

Any other sufferers? And any advice?

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Hi wibblywobbly😊

This is just a thought but it might be useful.

We Ataxians can be prone to Dystonia, uncomfortable and sometimes painful muscle spasms. There are several different parts of the body this can effect, one of them is the neck. See dystonia.org.uk

But then again it may not be ataxia related, if you've been mainly problem free during the warmer weather.... Personally, I'm bothered more in colder weather by arthritis😁

I hope you find relief 😊xB

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Hi Beryl

Thanks for that information. I think you've hit the nail on the head😊. After reading about dystonia it matches my symptoms. I have it all over the place on my body it's just the neck gives me such terrible headaches and vertigo. I spasm if I'm too tired. My neck spasms and my arms and legs jerk about.

Maybe I'm too tired at the mo and I got cold a few nights ago. So maybe that's why it is worse now.

Thanks for the info



Dear wibblywobbly,

I also find my neck muscles contract and it is worse in winter.

go to this site ataxiafightback.wordpress.com/

there are exercises for the neck which I am sure you will find very helpful.

All the best


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Yes I do these exercises everyday - sometimes several times a day, but when I'm like this they contact straight away afterwards. It's like a small electric charge going round my body which contracts my muscles. But my neck is the worst as it gives me such headaches and vertigo. I try not to think about it otherwise it seems to be worse.


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