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Problems with voice

I am 25 and have SCA2, and have had it since i was around 20. I have all the usual symptoms which i dont have to explain, however my voice is affected. I dont mean speech but voice. It is very broken up - i sound like a teenager whos voice is breaking all the time. Is anyone elses voice affected? or does anyone have any idea what i can do to help to smooth or correct my voice? Thanks

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Hi ljp 😊

You probably already know ' dysarthria ' ( difficulty speaking caused by the muscles used in speech) is a symptom many of us are challenged by.

Sometimes I'm unaware of how softly I speak, and I wonder why nobody's taking any notice😏 Other times I seem to shriek like a banshee, emphasising every word😐

Occasionally I stutter, and can't get anything out!

A Speech Therapist can often offer practical advice on how to breathe and modulate

speech. has suggestions. 😊xB

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Dear Ljp103, I agree with what wobblybee (Beryl) said. My voice is "different" now in tone and strength (I was diagnosed with ataxia eleven years ago). I also slur my speech, so I try to say each word slowly, which helps. As Beryl said, a speech therapist can help, as I see one once a year..., ;o)


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