Ataxia UK survey

Ataxia UK are looking to enhance their services in the coming year, however we do need to gather some statistical evidence to support this in order to access funding.

We have designed a very short survey to gather some feedback on post diagnosis support for people with ataxia. The survey should take no longer than three minutes to complete.

If you live in the UK and you have ataxia or represent someone with the condition, you can access the questions here:

On behalf of Ataxia UK we are extremely grateful for your time and feedback.

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  • Done. Very short. Will there be some kind of followup Harriet?

  • Hi Iain

    The results will be used to support a grant application that is being made to a Trust for a some of money. Did you complete the longer survey for Friends of Ataxia UK living in Scotland?


  • Don't think I completed a longer survey Harriet. Could you send me a link ta?

  • Here is the link Iain:


  • Thanks Harriet. I've just filled the form in. I hope I will get a response. Hope you are keeping well?

  • Done.

  • Hi Harriet , I did this survey , haven't seen the one for friends of ataxia uk . Keep up the good work x maber

  • Hi maber

    Surveys have already been circulated to Friends of Ataxia UK living in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The equivalent for those living in England will be circulated in September.

    Best wishes


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