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Ataxia UK Survey

Hello everyone, Ataxia UK are seeking the views and experiences of people affected by ataxia in our first major survey for 12 years. The survey has been sent to all the recipients of the Ataxia Magazine.

It is important that we regularly review people’s situation and what we provide, to ensure we continue to meet the needs of people living with, and affected by, ataxia; and that we are confident that we reflect the views of those affected by the condition.

The survey findings will help us to understand the impact of ataxia on all affected, and enable us to identify potential areas of research, and any areas where we can improve our services in the future. The results will be the subject of a breakout workshop at the annual conference, publicised in the magazine, and will form the basis of our Trustees considerations for our new Strategic Plan.

You should received a copy of the survey, or a link to it, with the July Ataxia Magazine, however it will help to keep costs down if you are able to complete the online version here:

The deadline for responses has been extended and is now is Sunday, 7 August.

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The same thing has just happened to me. I have done half and intended to finish it now. Does any one who why it hasnt saved the answers?


Hello both, I've spoken to the company that manages the survey and they have come back with a response which HOPEFULLY is useful!

'We have introduced a unique resume code function on the survey, therefore when respondents now click the ‘save progress’ button, they will be provided with a code (shown in green), they will need to make a note of this code and when they return to the survey regardless of which device and click the ‘resume progress’ button they will be asked to enter the code and continue from where they left off.'

Many thanks for your patience


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