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Covid-19. Updated Ataxia UK advice.

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Dear all

The Ataxia UK advice for Coronavirus (Covid-19) for people with Ataxia has been updated today and is on the Ataxia UK website. The link is

These are very strange and surreal times. We must all support each other. Please do not hesitate to post if you feel you need some support, if you can support others of of course if you just want to!

Best wishes


5 Replies
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Thank you for posting Harriet, was just about to post myself lol

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Thanks Harriet. I’ve been (and still am) very unwilling to put myself in the category of having a long term condition and therefore having to follow these recommendations.... Happy isolation everyone. I’ve just ordered a load of books and jigsaw to be delivered....

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Thanks Harriet, looks like I have to cancel group meetings despite them being in a spacious venue. x

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These are strange and surreal times, indeed! Thanks for your valuable information on COVID-19, Harriet!My best to all..., ;o)

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Thanks for your post Harriet, and for all your posts you do. Stay safe. x

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