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21st November was a long day. Hospitall all day (neuroloigy). Waiting time was delayed for 40 minutes for evereyone. Then I spent over ann hlour with the neurologist going throuhg tests an talking - which was mostly one way as my spezch is slurred & stammer now.

HAve to go back to have MRI and other scans and have to see someone about my mood swings because of ataxia.

Nurses were angels and looked after me all day I was there at hostpial.

Was glad to get home to go to bed xnd sleep


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Hi John, it 's good to hear from you :-) an all day trip to a hospital really

is tiring, where would we be without those caring nurses?

I hope you slept well :-) xB


Hi John,

Sorry to hear your symptoms are getting worse. I can relate to the long waits at hospital, but like you have found the nurses wonderful.

Hopefully the MRI will be useful.


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