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Hi all, I have just ordered my first 'clothes for charity' bag via the Ataxia UK website and a quick text/email to all my contacts asking them to donate and get their friends/colleagues on board has generated a huge amount of positive feedback. £200 a tonne gets given to Ataxia UK so that's a lot of clothes/shoes/bags/household linen to collect but surely there is enough of us if we all order a bag and get filling..............let's boost the research fund!!! It's a good way to raise awareness as well as money!

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  • I have already filled and donated one bag a while back and currently have another almost ready to go! It is easier to do it this way than having to pack your old stuff up and take it along to a charity shop yourself.

  • I also signed up for this, just sorting summer/winter clothes has helped

    fill a bag :- xB

  • I have also signed up, waiting for the bag to arrive, got some thing to put in it. Family are having a sort out to.

  • Yes isn't it a brill idea! So simple too! Have ordered bags for family too, and am directing friends to the website too.

  • Brilliant idea!! Off to the website now. :-)

  • Great idea will be straight on to it

  • my bags came today, already have a bag full of clothes from my neighbour. Hopefully there' s more on the way.

  • My sister pointed out to me that £200 Tonne is only 20p a kilo. Most 'cash for clothes' businesses offer 50p Kilo. We have one operating in the local Dobbies car park that weighs your items and pays cash there and then - I may take a trip there and transfer the proceeds straight to Ataxia UK - £500 a Tonne seems a much better deal. Just a thought if you are able to get to one of these places instead.....seems like a bit more bother but if it raises over twice the amount of cash.........

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