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Cycling the length of South America to fundraise for Ataxia UK

My name is Andreas and I am a Doctor from Liverpool. I am taking a year out of my training to take part in a 6 month cycle across the length of South America. I am doing this to raise money for Ataxia UK as one of my close friends Dr Phil Mchale has Friedreich's ataxia and has had to leave clinical medicine. His worsening co-ordination has made it impossible to continue working as a medical Doctor. I am fundraising for Ataxia UK as I would like to contribute to research which may in future yield some treatments. I just wanted to share my plans with you all. Any suggestions on how to promote my challange would be much appreciated. Below are a few links with the layout of the challenge:

Video outlining my plan

justgiving.com/Andreas-Trid... My just giving page

cycling-doctors.com/ The team website for our challenge.



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This is very nice of you. I have cerebeller ataxia with an auto-immune origin.I hope someone is also working on a cure. Good luck on the ride. Neta in Jerusalem, Israel.


Much appreciated.Thanks.


Hi cycling doctor

Great to hear your video and very well done I am 73 and feel very lucky to have been without ataxia until I was 65. Good luck to you. Ted


Hi Andreas! Good luck to you. Sure you will enjoy the trip/experience. Where do we donate/sponsor? And what research for a cure are you involved with?

I am a grandmother of a 14 year old gorgeous F.A. person. Watching FA's progress is a living grief. I am an awareness/fund raiser for Ataxia UK.

Your speaker Dr Phil is brave; informative; clever; generous and inspirational.

Ann (Grumpy Granny)


Dear Ann,

Thank you for your support

The donate button on the just giving site is how to sponsor me and it goes to Ataxia UK. It is to go towards research as a whole funded by Ataxia UK so it will include F.A. justgiving.com/Andreas-Trid...

I hope that one day diseases like FA will be curable as like you said, watching its progressive affect on someone is horrible.



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