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Would you like to help ataxia research?

Dr Kai Uus’ audiology research team at Manchester University is investigating hearing, in particular the ability to perceive speech in the presence of background noise in people with Friedreich's ataxia. They need volunteers to participate in their research project.

Participants will be asked to travel to Manchester for one full-day session, from 10am-3pm. Hotel accommodation is offered for the night before if required, and travel expenses will be reimbursed. Participants will also be paid £10 per hour for involvement in this study.

For more information about the study see the Ataxia UK website:

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I have CA. I have speech difficulties but I have no problem with my hearing.

If I can be of help let me know. I will be only to willing to help.

Thank you.

Alan Beckley


I don't have FA (I have unknown cause CA) but may be interested in the research as I have problems with hearing. I am completely deaf in one ear due to road accident when I was six years old but also have problems with other ear. Told that I may have Meneres Syndrome which only became a problem 2-3 years ago. My hearing in good ear fluctuates on occasions from high pitch to low pitch sounds and I sometimes get stabbing like pains in both ears?


Hi Iain

I have similar problems with my hearing to you. As you know, I don't have FA either so, unfortunately, would not be eligible to be included in this study. Hopefully there will be a project at some time which we could be included in. I will definitely be interested in the outcome of this research though!

I hope you and Elaine have a lovely Christmas and a very happy 2013!



Thanks for your reply. I would definately be interested in another simmilar project.

Wishing you a great Christmas and a happy new year too Harriet.


Hi Alison,

Did this on Monday December 17th, no issues with my hearing, a very pleasent day, no invasive tests, if any one needs encouragement I am very happy to speak to them to let them know what happens.



Hi Nigel,

That's good feedback, thank-you! Pleased to hear it went well and I'll bear it in mind that you're happy to do that.

Thanks, Alison


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