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Medi Alert Bracelets/necklaces

Recently I saw a post where someone was looking for something like

this, unfortunately I can't remember who it was!

Just this morning an elderly relative of mine who has Diabetes fell

when their blood sugar was low, I was looking online for something

for him.

Based in Bedford.

This company has a wide range of items, some of which can be

engraved with a unique user/pin no. This is linked to the wearers

medical information.

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with regard to the medi alert braclets 1 simple no cost thing that can be done is to write out your details blood groupe,allergy's, contacts ect and put them in the clear pouch of your wallet with

"MEDICAL DETAILS" showing I know this would only work for men but it is a backup for the internationally knowwn practice of putting an emergency contact under ICE in your phone

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there is also medibands I recently purchased one as I am not allowed blood pressure or needles in one arm

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I wear a necklace for an allergic reaction also name blood group -not quite as obvious for a man but rely on medics checking.

Memory bit naff - I did think it was Argos but most High Street jewellers should do them.

obviously pay for so many words.



I don't have an iPhone and I'd rather have something actually on my

person if an emergency occurred.

I already wear an AtaxiaUK wristband, so I was interested when I saw

you could get this type of thing with a plate for engraving medical info.

I had no idea so many different styles and types were available. Some

were specially for children, and really cute :-) xB

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I checked Medic Alert bracelets on eBay, there are so many it is unbelievable, 😃


In the above post I'd forgotten to include www😂 So, google They have a vast selection, you may not see exactly what you had in mind but exploring is entertaining😉xB

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One of my nieces is a diabetic, she has a bracelet with her medical info on a piece of paper rolled into a little barrel

with can be undone to reveal emergency contacts and other info. It has been a big help for her as got older and independent : going out without an adult. Good ideas really

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