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Neuro-Physio appointment for ataxia

I have an appointment on Monday next week to see my Neuro-Physio about my concern of driving due to hand cramps. She told me over the phone that hand cramps can be a problem related to tension in the shoulders. I'm really looking forward to seeing her next week as I want to hold on to my drivers licence.

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I hope she can offer constructive advice Ian, it would probably

be helpful to a lot of people :-) xB


Good luck Iain.

Just a thought, if you do not take anything else, turmeric helps me with cramp. I will not bore you again, so this is the original post

I also take a vegetarian fish oil, which might be helping too :)


Thanks both and you are not boring me Litty. Funny you should mention turmeric. My wife uses this to colour and flavour rice and other foodstuffs. I'll look at the link Litty.


I really like turmeric because it is used so much. I first found articles about it because Indian ladies were finding that cramp was not so much of a problem for them because they have a lot in their diet.


I hope it is helpful Iain. Let us know how it goes...



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