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Organic Turmeric

Only 2 more tips!

Many people have a lot of success with drugs but personally, I do not lie taking them.

A couple of years ago I started to suffer from bad muscle cramps and my neurologist suggested Baclofen. I tried this but it did not agree with me. The doctors suggested I try a smaller dose but I just did not like how I felt. I decided to try and research an alternative herbal treatment. I tried organic turmeric and was really surprised by the results. Most days I can get away with one in the morning and one at night. If it is bad day, one at midday normally does the trick,

I get them from here

Obviously it is a personal choice and I know a great many people who swear by other drugs but I thought I would give an alternative. If you are taking any other tablets or drugs, you must always be very careful because some can react badly. A good site I discovered to check things is

Hope turmeric works for you too if you want an alternative.


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That is fascinating Lit. Can I ask, what did you mean by the baclofen not agreeing with you? Did the baclofen help with the muscle cramps but you didn't like the side effects from it, or was it not helpful at all?



The Baclofen worked to start with but I felt really out of it. I am not that with it at the best of times and I try to get an hour and a half nap in the afternoon anyway. The doctors advised that I gradually increase the level of Baclofen and it would start to work but I came to the conclusion that for me I would rather cope with the muscle cramps. I also struggle with bladder control and can just about manage it with pelvic floor exercises and I had read (rightly or wrongly) that Baclofen can cause a bladder problem. That is when I started to look for an alternative



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