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I`m Chirpy As A Hobbit

I`m Chirpy As A Hobbit

BT Broadband now up and running.

I register with new Medical Centre tomorrow Friday - as I`m now out of my old Doctors area.

Care-Call have fitted their Emergency Line etc......

New Door Bell fitted which activates flashing light and tone when outside button pressed.

All unpacking finished (with help from brothers).

Now I feel like a contented Hobbit :-)

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As soon as I saw the email John I just knew it was from you:)

I'm pleased to hear everything is shipshape.

As soon as the weather picks up I can picture you relaxing

out front in your little spot of paradise:) xB


Paradise :-)

At the moment looking outside, I would not be surprised to see Noah sailing past :-)

Aye, it will be nice in the fine weather sitting in the open soaking up the sun, chatting with my new neighbours :-)

If you can get your uncle into a bungalow he will REALLY love it :-)




Hi Matelot RN

You sound so happy. Pleased to hear good news. When things work out it makes all the other difficult stuff easier to cope with.

Best wishes in your new home.



Hiya dollydippy. Aye, life is okay at the moment - present circumstances accepted - got to look on the good side of life and be thankful for what I`ve got :-)

I keep thinking it`s a dream and I`m going to wake up, ha, ha, ha, :-)


Dear Matelot (aka: John), I'm so glad everything is coming together for you! You sound so happy and definitely deserve to be! I really admire you...,Hugs..., ;o)


Hello again my friend february,

The only thing that is not good is the weather, but nothing I can do about that :-)

I`m enjoying everything as much as I can, because you never know what lies around the corner. But if that corner ever comes to me it had better watch out, I`ll be ready for it, ha, ha, ha, ha :-)

Wow nearly forgot to say.......................

I had my first visitor today, a magpie came and sat by the window. It stayed for about 9 minutes, just walking back and forth tapping the window with it`s beak.....................I didn`t move an inch just in case I frightened it away :-)


I saw the first Robin (bird) a few days ago (I think I told you, I live in the States, in Michigan). A sure sign of Spring! Can't come too soon for me, as we've had a horrendous Winter here..., ;o)


Hello february,

We've had nothing but rain and terrible floods. No flooding where I lived thankfully but I did really feel sorry for those people who lost all there belongings and priceless photos etc.


Yes, I heard about the rain and floods across the pond! So sad! We've had tons of snow and extremely cold temps this Winter. I don't remember a Winter like this here! I still drive, although the roads were so snowy/icy I didn't leave home much (hard to walk in, even with my cane). Although it's still cold, the snow is melting slowly, so Spring is on it's way!


You had a bird outside the window John, I had one inside, trying to get out!

It had come down the chimney, we set it free unharmed :) xB


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