Ataxia UK

Please sponsor me. I'm doing a tandem freefall for Ataxia UK

I have FA, I was diagnosed with in 1992! I have set myself a target of £1000, but have some way to go before the jump in June. Please support me by donating at:

Please share this link with friends and family!

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3 Replies

Hi Richard:-)

You may not remember but I'm sure we met at the 2012 conference.

I was there with my husband Brian, we're from Newcastle.

I'm totally in awe of you for doing this, I sincerely hope you are well

supported ( by donations and equipment) :-). xB


Dear Richard, I admire you for doing such a feat, as you are very brave! I could not do that because I have a profound fear of heights! My best to you for a good cause...,;o)


I've always believed in gravity and if I were meant to fly or leave the ground, I would probably have evolved with wings on my back :-)


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