Appeal for Life-Changing Mobility Equipment

Appeal for Life-Changing Mobility Equipment

My name is Richard Brown. I am 40 and was diagnosed with a progressive nervous disorder, Friedreich's Ataxia, in my teens and have used a wheelchair for 16 years. I am trying to raise funds for an attachment that turns my wheelchair into an electric trike. It will make a massive difference to my quality of life and will help me continue my voluntary work. Please take a look at my appeal and support me by either sharing or donating!

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  • Hi Richard, just followed link and thought Id mention Da Vinci mobility. They do these chairs and bikes but the attachment cost £3000; still expensive but a lot less than the £5K of the apparently similar system you mention. There are others too including the Attitude Quickie, Team Hybrid etc that could be worth a look.

  • Thanks TedTom, I tried quite a few trike attachments, the Batec was easily the easiest for me to connect/reconnect to and had the most powerful motor!

  • Hi Richard

    I am meeting my ataxia support group later so will pass your details on to them. Well done and good luck!


  • Thanks Amanda, I was considering not bothering other people with Ataxia with my appeal, but decided it would be useful for others to see that you try to get over obstacles that impact on your independence.

  • Hi Richard,

    I think it's worth trying to try and raise funds anywhere you can. All of us with ataxia know how difficult movement is even when you can still walk. I passed your details onto Derek who writes up our meeting notes and emails out to us all. Do you go to a support group? There are times when you have to think of yourself!

  • Hi Richard, you say you do voluntary work so is it worth applying to access to work to see if they will help with the joint funding of the attachment? Worth a try whilst it is still in existence!

    Good luck.

  • Thanks Cuds,

    I've had help from Access to work ten years ago, and it was arranged with and through my employer - I hadn't even thought of asking them, it depends what their definition of 'work' is - I'll ask!

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