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Avoiding falls

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I know it’s blindingly obvious but I have to remind myself nearly every day to only carry things in one hand and leave the other one to be able to grab on to something or steady myself with the other hand. Also -again obvious- it’s no good carrying something in your right hand if there’s nothing to steady yourself on the left hand and vice versa! Just saying!

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Been there...... Now need BOTH hands available for safety so use a trolley with a tray indoors - and a rollator with bag outside. Works for me 😀

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Libra7 in reply to Telegraphist

Yes - I too have a trolley in the kitchen with a tray at elbow height. I find it invaluable.

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I know what you mean. I have always had a tendency to rush around. I have a busy brain and always thinking of 16 things at once. A big one for me was looking elsewhere when walking. I have a new mantra: “Face direction of travel!”

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Libra7 in reply to dansybelle

Good tip!

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I used to have a mantra, engage brain before opening gob. That’s changed to engage brain before doing anything! I watched my grandchildren learning new skills, like walking, and how after enough practice it became automatic. It has helped me in my quest to go the other way and become less automated. I like to think I’m now more considered. And somewhat slower!

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Libra7 in reply to nigelrheath

Problem solving takes on a whole new meaning doesn’t it!

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i cook like that.with ond hand and stms NEED 2 HANDS AND HAVE TO SECURELY PROP MYSELF.

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pinjem in reply to coat2003

I was told to look at perch stools.

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coat2003 in reply to pinjem

i have one in the bathroom, need another in the kitchen.

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Nerak4 in reply to coat2003

I have an office type chair (on wheels)in my kitchen, which is fairly small but the chair absolutelty invaluable .It also has a lowering lever so it can go up and down as you require. pushes into corner when not needed.

I have just got one for my dining table as pushing/pulling out an ordinary chair is just hard work.

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Libra7 in reply to Nerak4

What a great idea! I also find it difficult to pull myself into a table.

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Libra7 in reply to coat2003

Keep safe. Pleased you’re still able to cook. I like to bake a cake every now and again but it leaves me worn out!

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keep atit, you enjoy it doing.just prepare for it.doing it is the easiest part.but fatigue i get.

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