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Been a while

Been a while

I used to post comments here under a different username a long time ago (John-H) but had to go AWOL for a little time due to unforeseen health reasons.

It`s good to see the old`uns are still here and loads of new people :-)

Been a long road to recovery - isn`t it always - but looking on the bright side. Waiting for a few results from hospital but should be okay hopefully. :-)

Moving into a bungalow soon, that will help loads.

Anyway just want to say hello to those who know me and to those who don`t...................Hello :-)

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John! How are you?xB


Sorry, I meant to say more but I was just so stunned to see your post! xB


Well, hello wobblybee, been a long time huh? Seems like forever since we swapped comments.

I`ve been through the mill a bit these past few months, bit of touch and go and such.

But on the road to recovery - back home, viewing a bungalow on Monday (Tomorrow) with my brother (and Council person) and will probably move into it within a week I hope.

I sleep loads, but that`s because of the medication I now take. Still see Professor Chinnery at RVI and a Consultant at Q.E. but I can`t remember what he does :-)

Can`t remember muxh of the last months really because of the drugs etc........

Great to hear from you again - do you still go to meetings at Hotel at Metrocentre?

John :-) x


really good to hear/read from you and we all hope you are getting better. We moved into ma bungalow and life was

so much easier---you just fall on the floor rather than down some stairs!!!!! I don,t usually write much but I enjoy

many of the letters Wobblybee seems a very special person and I read all her letters

I really hope you enjoy your new bungalow

Very best wishes Ted

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Hello Ted,

Someone once said 'if you can lay on the floor without falling off, your not drunk'.

I do not know if that is the same as having no stairs but it made me smile :-)

Be well Ted.

Yes, wobblybee is a nice person.



Hi John!

You've been on my mind, I was wondering what was happening, I'm

so glad you've resurfaced (notice the navel term)!

My fingers are crossed that you like the bungalow, no problems with


Yes, the support group has continued to meet at the Holiday Inn Express

Swalwell. As it happens, we have a meeting this Saturday 15 March at

11.15am. Parking is good, access to the hotel is completely flat, as is inside.

We sit in the dining area and on the two previous occasions we met, we were

the only ones there. ( I should have my fingers crossed, you know what

happens when you say something like that)

If you aren't able to come, log onto AtaxiaUKs list of support groups and

you should find my tel no or email. Contact me and I'll keep you up to

date with what's going on. The group is shown as: Gateshead Newcastle. xB


The bungalow is "perfect".


Great to see you back, Matelot-RN (aka: John-H)! I wondered where you had gone to. So glad you're on the road to recovery, due to unforeseen health reasons, and I hope your tests from the hospital will be OK! You're always so positive and uplifting! I'm sure your new bungalow will be wonderful! You can tell us all about it, please, when you get settled and are up to it! Welcome back!!! ;o)

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Hello february my old friend :-)

Good to hear from you again.

I'm feeling much better thankyou. Amazing what the doctors can do these days. The bungalow will be good - no stairs :-)

I'm really looking forward to moving in to it.

Smashing day today, sun has been out all day. Makes you feel good and glad your alive.

Catch you later my friend

John :-)


Hi John sorry to hear you have not been well I am glad to hear you are feeling a bit better now. I hope the new bungalow works out for you. It should be a lot easier to manage.

I am much the same, i am also wondering if i should move to an easier to manage house. It would be a big change as i have lived here 30 + years.

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Thanks for the kind words albion.


Isn't that the best news! I'm over the moon for you! xB


Hi former John H. I too was wondering what had happened to you. I see you have already posted a great photo. I do so enjoy those :) Good luck with the bungalow - so glad it worked out for you. I too am thinking of moving to a bungalow in the not too distant future, think its a good idea. Glad your back on line :)


Hello wibblywobbly, another good friend.

Seems like a lifetime since I was here. Time goes past so quick..................

A lot of new names I see, which is great - or maybe not so great, as it means that they also have Ataxia :-(

A lot has happened in the few months or so - well more than a few months to be honest. I keep remembering things slowly and get flashbacks - like pictures suddenly appear in my mind then just as quickly disappear, funny as heck sometimes :-) :-)

One good thing though, I`ve not had a blackout for a long time (so I`m told, I can`t remember much) which is a good thing.

Ha, ha, ha, ha, tablets for this, tablets for that, tablets for everything but the kitchen sink :-) :-) :-)

Ahhh it`s good to be normal again, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

catch you later.




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