Exercise and Ataxia

Dear all,

Here is some news of my progress. I continue to do my exercises daily and now feel much more independent. At home I am able to do everything I mean the chores, (I had great difficulty just a few months ago). This morning I drove up the road and did my own shopping without the need to ask someone to go with me. I am even looking after my grandson (7 months old) without any difficulty. I do not walk around carrying him, but am able to transfer him from the bed to the push chair and feeding chair. My advice is to keep the muscles strong and the right attitude. Always try to improve what you can and count your blessings, focus on what is good. Do not be a victim, I say I am practising to be victorious.

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  • fantastic and inspiring. Keep going😊

  • Thank you.

  • Dear Isabelalfaiate, You are an inspiration to me! That's wonderful!!! My best to you...,;o)

  • Thank you February, There is a lady who lives in a town nearby and cycles all over on a tandem bicycle with the help of her husband. At the moment they have cycled to Santiago in Spain. She is a real inspiration to me. I hope that my progress may help others to see light at the end of the tunnel. All the best

  • well done- I am also going to exercise classes three times a week but would not trust myself to look after the new grandson as my balance is still bad but what I did find is that I went to Lourdes with a group and that really helped as I now feel I could go abroad again- up to now I always thought it was a bridge too far. we went to Stansted and they are really well equipped for disabled travellers I thought.I feel I have made a new start in life and resumng the classes again today everyone remarked how much better was walking so even quite small things can really help- not everyone can get to Lourdes but I found it a really helpful experience as it is so easuy to get down and feel life is not worth living. all the best

    from Sylviaxx

  • Well done, Sylviagreenhalgh, improve whatever muscles you can. It is lovely you were able to go to Lourdes. You will notice the exercise will help and a great attitude, focussing on the positive things in your life. Best wishes, Isabel

  • Well done!

    For me, it's all about rebuilding confidence. It is only natural to dwell on the physical activities that are now beyond us, to the extent that we undermine our confidence to do the other things which are still possible.

    I love reading stories like yours Isabel :)

  • Thank you Lain, feeling stronger increases my confidence and is an incentive to work on what I can improve. I focus on the good things and count blessings.

    Best wishes


  • Very good advice I have enrolled in an exercise program only twice a week and for about 2hrs each time, it does make a difference with using those muscles and moving those joints my trainer understands my situation completely and is very encouraging! I sit down whenever I feel tired lol

  • It is great keep moving and focus on the good things you have.

    All the best


  • Congratulations! Thanks for the inspiration! Due to a change of residence I haven't exercised normally in the past 2 months and the negative effects are very noticeable. I must make a stronger effort to continue my exercise routine and continue battling the progression of this terrible illness. Congratulations again and thanks for the inspiring words!

  • Dear Cubsfan,

    Do even if a little exercise at home daily, every little bit helps. building takes more time than loosing it. Focus on the things you can do and you can improve.

    Best wishes


  • Many thanks for your kind words of encouragement. I'm a firm believer in use it or lose it

  • Thank U, U R so motivational. May I ask what kind of exercises you do and how often? Thanks in advance, and keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • I cycle on a minibike about 5000 cycles then I do daily exercises to strengthen my core muscles (lying on my back I do leg excercises) hold a ball between my knees and press etc.



    generally I do the feldenkrais exercises.

    I also walk between two bars with my heels touching the toes. I started with 10 repetitions but I now manage 30. Also read walkingwithataxia.com/ this site is also interesting.

    all the best, Isabel

  • Thanks I am a little confused about walking betwixt two poles and the heels to toes sorry to bug you but I really want to do this

  • One of the tests my neurologist asks me to do everytime is see if I manage to keep my balance when I do small steps with one foot in front of the other with the toes touching the heels of the other foot. Of course I do not manage that (yet) so I practice that at physio therapy between the two rails. I also do it at home with one hand on the kitchen counter. I am not sure if I am making myself understood. While doing my housework I incorporate exercises, like squats etc.

  • Cool thanks for this maybe you should do an exercise post for all to share we would love this

  • Good for you, I try to keep mobile as possible too, I use an excercise bike daily. Unfortunately I slipped inFebruary fracturing my pelvis in two places so walking & excercising was out! Used wheelchair lots & then walking frame with wheels. Today I've been given the all clear at hospital so looking forward to getting on bike,, Iv'e already walked a bit (hanging on to husband.)I'm your nearest contact on here, I live in Andalusia, Spain.

    Keep well


  • Thank you Berejena,

    I am sorry that you had such a bad fall, I have been lucky so far apart from breaking my front teeth (I now have crowns) I have not broken any bones. I was tested for Vitamin D3 and that was dangerously low. My doctor has prescribed a monthly pill for three months to make it rise fast. He also asked me to be in the sun daily. I am doing physiotherapy twice a week and do the same routine at home daily. I read somewhere that we focus on the sick part and not on the rest of our healthy body. So I try to think and be grateful for all the things I have right with me like, a healthy heart with perfect blood pressure, good circulatory system, digestive system etc. Compared to what I have going for me my disease is small.

    keep well


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