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I have been diagnosed as having ataxia,consultant leaving it there.I take green tea,pomegranate juice,Vitamin E-400 and B12 on advised from him.I take zopiclone 3.7 mg from doctor to help me sleep,which has very little help as i wake up at 12.30 am and cannot go back to sleep ,use lavender oil as aid to sleep, cannot keep awake more than 9.00 am when I go to bed.Any suggestions would help

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Not really

I suffer and so does a lot of people I’m afraid

For me, I call my CA topsy turvy condition because everything is back to front

Eg. I Can’t sleep when I’m tired.

So I’m in bed 6-7 pm and that can help

Also have a nap in the afternoon sometimes helps

There’s only a small window between tired and awake so i have to be on the ball. Miss that window and I’ll be too tired to sleep

I believe eating a banana before going to bed help's you get a good sleep?Aswell as MEDITATION.Check the advice online.

Dear Jasminemarigold,

See a neurologist that specializes in ataxia if you can. Physical Therapy, as well as eating as healthy as possible (lots of fresh fruit and veggies, little to no processed food) helps me. I also do exercises (safely, of course) at home for balance and strength. You can find exercises on line for handicap situation. I also stretch daily, as I'm so stiff. I take some vitamins (D, B-12 & a multi cap and CoQ10 (300 mg) daily, but I don't know if they've helped. I've heard Melatonin is helpful for sleep (I've not tried it) and don't recommend trying anything until you talk to your doctor please. I have ataxia due to adult on-set Niemann Pick C disease, so everyones different. My best to you...,;o)

Topsy turvy is a good way to explain how I feel, many times, having been diagnosed with Ataxia and PD. I don't sleep well, most of the time. Sleeping pills and I don't get along. Last time I took a sleeping pill, I had a major seizure, and ended up in hospital for several days. So, I guess I can really empathize with how you feel.

Good herbs to try... american skullcap, ashwagandha, ginger, lemon balm, passionflower, valerian, also melatonin, raw honey or dates an hour b4 bed, CBD oil, medical cannabis, indica...

all of these have worked for me for insomnia.

Green tea has more caffine than coffee, so i do not drink it after 3 pm, try, it may help . take care Mx

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