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Lifts, and power cuts

On Wednesday this week we had our first power cut of the season, it lasted one and half hours.

It's never convenient, often a real nuisance but sometimes it must be really worrying.

Because of the recent discussion about lifts, my mind wandered on and I began to think about

the possibility of someone being stuck mid way in a through the floor lift.

I rang a reputable supplier and asked about backup emergency power supplies, and whether

they were standard, generally speaking.

There are basically two types of through the floor lift. Hydrolic and Traction.

The unbiased advice was try to opt for Hydrolic, a backup emergency power supply is usually standard.

With the Traction it's an extra, which can be more expensive.

It's also possible to have a special phone line in the lift, which would still work in a power cut.

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Must remember to pack emergency rations:

A/. biscuits

B/. Flask hot tea (hate coffee)

C/. Loo roll & doggy bags ;-)

D/. Blanket

E/. Mobile phone - spare battery

F/. Wind-up Radio ;-)

G/. Tooth paste & tooth brush

H/. A good book (Shakespeare)

I/. Rope Ladder for when I get bored :-)


If you take a freezer bag, you could also take cheesecake! xB


:-) Good thinking


how are you going to have a hot tea flask ready for a powercut?


Prepare one (thermos) before you go on the lift. It will last a good few hours. Then make fresh one :-)


That sounds far too complicated why not have a backup battery for the lift? Having said that we (my fiancee and I) are thinking of moving once we've got married and I'd love somewhere on one floor like a bungalow and don't want to be reliant on one lift as I had too many bad experiences at uni although I think domestic ones are more reliable.


My reply was more tongue-in-cheek ;-)


Good points Beryl! I laughed at your comments John, although it's good to be prepared for a possible long haul...,ha! I like Beryl's comment about cheese cake! A bungalow would solve the lift problem, Annasgonsailing, I agree! Currently, I live in a two story house and the stairs are scary..., ;o)


I was informed that I could have a Bungalow but.....

......the waiting list could be 5 or 6 or even 10 years because as they I am not a priottity.

So I'll stay where I am thankuuo :-)


Hard to believe you're not a priority, John! Who is? Sounds as though you're comfortable right were you are. especially with that long waiting list!! I am too, so I'll keep braving the stairs for as long as is meant to be! ;o)


I think I would have to be a member of the Walking Dead to be a priority ha, ha, ha :-)


LOL! ;o)


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